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NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies #2 August 6, 2008

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I never mentioned that my favorite part of a chocolate chip cookie is actually the part that has no chocolate chips in it. I know that most people would find that weird, but there is just something about the batter with no chips in it that I love. It is sweet chewy and just all around fantastic. Okay, back to how the chocolate chip cookies turned out 🙂

Approximately 24 hours later I baked up the cookies and they turned out awesome. They were nice and crisp on the outside and still chewy in the inside. I sprinkled a few with salt to see how they would bake up and taste. The salt actually added a nice addition to the flavor and brought out the sweetness of the cookie a little more. But be careful not too add too much salt or it won’t add to the flavor at all and will just taste like a salty cookie. I just sprinkled a little on top of the cookies as I crushed a couple flakes between my fingers. Click here for the recipe to these great cookies.


One Response to “NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies #2”

  1. […] I know I have made cookies similar to these, so I was trying to be careful with regard to using espresso powder instead of instant coffee. There was also the optional addition of dried apricots to the dough, but since I didn’t have any on hand and I knew Mike probably wouldn’t appreciate the apricots, I left those out. I did use a combination of dark chocolate and white chocolate since I didn’t exactly have a pound of dark to go around. That would be because I baked Mike chocolate chip cookies a week or so ago using the NY Times Recipe. […]

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