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Strawberry Tiramisu August 15, 2008

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A couple of months ago before I started this blog I made a recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu that I got out of my Bon Appétit magazine. It was good, but I felt like I could make it better. The first time I made it one of my co-workers asked me to bring her in a piece of it because she was really interested to see what it tastes like. Unfortunately I ended up making it when she went on vacation so she was unable to taste it…


I decided that I would only make a quart batch for M because a full batch is just way to much and then I wouldn’t have to give her part of my spring form pan. I am not willing to do that at all. Sorry M :/

Yesterday was M’s birthday so I figured now was the best time, especially since her last day at work is in a few days and I won’t get to see her. After work last night I went and picked up the few items that I needed: mascarpone cheese, fresh strawberries, orange juice, and a container to put it in 🙂 . Well I am finished making the dessert and it is beautiful. Problem is I can’t get the lid on because I wanted to finish one more layer. the last layer is a little crappy too since I ran out of filling but oh well. I cut up a strawberry and put it on top hoping that her eyes would be drawn to that and not the crappy topping job.

The tiramisu is actually very nice. It has a slight orange flavor, but the taste of strawberries is nice and it isn’t too sweet. It kind of reminds me of a fancier version of strawberry shortcake. I had a little bit of the preserve mixture left over so next time I might pour some into the bottom of the dish so that the savoiardi soak up a little more or the liquid.

Strawberry Tiramisu

Modified by Pastrybrush from the original by Bon Appétit

2 cups strawberry preserves

1/3 cup Cointreau or other orange liquer

1/3 cup orange juice

1 pound mascarpone cheese, at room temperature

1 1/3 cup whipping cream

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 pounds fresh strawberries

Approx 52 Savoiardi


Finally product with its pretty layers in a tupperware dish that is overflowing 🙂

In a small sauce pan over low heat, whisk preserves, Cointreau, and orange juice together. If you preserves are chunky use a immersion blender and blended until smooth. If you do not have an immersion blender just put contents in regular blender. Blend and then place in sauce pan. Heat the mixture on low heat until warm.

Using an electric mixer beat the cream, sugar, vanilla, and 1 tbsp cointreau until medium peaks form. Add the softened mascarpone cheese to the whipped cream and blend until incorporated.

Hull and slice all of the strawberries. For the first layer, dip the savoiardi into the warm preserve mixture letting it sit for a few seconds on each side and then place In a deep baking or trifle dish. Next add 1/3 of the mascarpone mixture on top of the savoiardi and smooth the top. Then add a layer of slice strawberries. Continue layering dipped savoiardi, 1/3 mascarpone mixture, strawberries, dipped savoiardi, and final 1/3 of the mascarpone mixture. Cover and place in the refrigerator for 8 hours or overnight before serving.


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