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Tuesdays with Dorie: Granola Grabbers August 19, 2008

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This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was chosen by Michelle of Bad Girl Baking and she chose the Granola Grabbers cookies on page 82 of Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. My first thought was interesting a cookie with a base of granola with peanuts, almonds, wheat germ, golden raisins, and sweetened coconut. Funny thing is I had all of the ingredients except the granola. Just looking at the recipe all I could think was this actually is a pretty healthy cookie as cookies go. Not too much butter, sugar or flour.

The cookies turned out great. They taste like a cross between an oatmeal raisin cookie and a peanut butter cookie because of the random peanuts that you bite into. If you are a person that does not like coconut, fear not, you cannot taste it at all. Also, I only had unsalted peanuts on hand and they worked great. I didn’t even add extra salt and the cookies still turned out good. Other than that I pretty much stuck with the recipe this time

Probably the only problem that I had with making the cookies was mixing the granola mixture in with the dough. It just kept flying out of the bowl. Maybe that is my fault because I refuse to use my stand or hand mixer if I really don’t have to. I would rather do it by hand. Now there are somethings that are more complicated by hand and just need a stand mixer: making Italian buttercream, whipping up egg whites, etc. But for a cookie, I would rather just use a wooden spoon and my hands 🙂 .

Tune in next week for the Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte chosen by Amy of Food, Family and Fun.

I can’t wait to try my hand at the next Tuesdays with Dorie 🙂 .


11 Responses to “Tuesdays with Dorie: Granola Grabbers”

  1. Jules Says:

    I loved these cookies as well. Embrace your mixers! They are only here to make your life easier. 😉

  2. Melissa Says:

    Yours look delicious! Great job!

  3. Christine Says:

    Cookies look delicious. My hubby thought they were oatmeal cookies, lol!

  4. Hannah Says:

    I love to mix by hand as welll…………..rarely a mixer:-)

    Lovely cookies!

  5. Jessica Says:

    I mix by hand, too!

    Your cookies look great.

  6. Libby Says:

    yeah, hands are more fun. i feel a connection to the food that way… except egg whites. they are tiring for little old me.

  7. Nancy/n.o.e Says:

    Great looking cookies! They do have so many good-for-you ingredients.

  8. Teanna Says:

    I mixed by hand and had the same problem as well! Your cookies look so good!

  9. Yum, yours look thick and chewy….the way I like them.

  10. pamela Says:

    I really enjoyed these cookies. I made them into bars and they were simple and yummy.

  11. food.baby Says:

    I used a stand mixer and bits still flew out of the bowl. But that’s all part of the fun! Your cookies look delicious 🙂

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