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Heads up September 25, 2008

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For the next two days, I won’t be posting anything because I am actually working on making cookies for my PapPap’s 80th birthday on Saturday 🙂

I am making five different types of cookies for him.  Of course I will be making Anise Cookies and Anise Biscotti (walnuts, anise, and orange peel) because they are family recipes.  But on top of that I am making Italian Fig Spirals, Butterballs aka Mexican Wedding Cookies (made with walnuts), and New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie.  I really wanted to make some pizzelles but I was afraid that they would get crushed since I am taking these on a plane with me.

Here is a preview of the anise cookies. 

I was actually trying to do a pretty design on them and after a lot of frustration with the royal icing, I did it.  I usually just dip them in a random color frosting, nothing fancy.  Imagine brown cowboy boots.  Weird.  Yeah, one year I wanted cookie cutters and all my dad could find was a cowboy boot, coyboy hat, catus, dog bone, and a fish.  So for christmas a catus or cowboy boot will randomly show up.  If you haven’t noticed I grew up in TX 🙂


One Response to “Heads up”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Happy birthday to your PapPaps..Your cookies look wonderful!

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