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To Ghost Rider September 27, 2008

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Over a year an a half ago one of my friends and co-workers passed away.  Ghost Rider was an avid motorcycle rider, and a few months after he passed his family and friends decided to have a ride to honor his memory.  I really wanted to go on this ride, and they were letting cars come along too.  I actually ended up having to work that day and run the coffee shop that I was working at, pooper.

I no longer work there anymore and was looking forward to the ride this year.  They finally decided that they were going to have the ride on September 27th, today.  I was so excited.  I was finally going to be able to honor Ghost Riders memory with his family and friends.  I checked out my calendar and lo and behold it is my grandfather’s 80th birthday (The family is throwing a huge party, and this is a once in a lifetime event).  So all my planning went out the window.  I was actually going to ride as a passenger with my friend, DrFaulken.  I have been riding with him for over a year and have been thinking about taking the motorcycle safety course to ride on my own.  My dad has even told me to take it so that I could teach him 🙂 Silly dad.  He has wanted to ride since I was a kid, but my mom keeps telling him no.

So this is my entry to Ghost Rider.  I wish I was out there with your friends and family honoring your memory by riding.  Maybe next year I will be able to make it.  But I will be thinking of you and honoring your memory in my own way, sans motorcycle.


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