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My Search for Mother’s Cookies…The Holy Grail October 27, 2008

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As we all know Mother’s Cookies is going out of business.  I found out earlier this month via Anna’s Blog, Cookie Madness, and The Food Librarian.

I was not happy when I found out and I immediately went out on a mission to find Mother’s Cookies, especially the Circus Animals seeing that those were my favorite.  The little pink and white frosted animals 🙂  I went to my local grocery store and I was sure that they had them there because I had seen them before.  Since they just remodled the entire inside of the store I had to search for the cookie section.  When I found it I was very unhappy because it use to be one side of a full aisle and now it was only half that size.  I looked and looked.  I saw Keebler’s Frosted Animal version of the cookies and some others, but no Mother’s Cookies.  I was really sad and disappoint and went home.

Cut to Sunday afternoon.  I was wandering the grocery store looking for ingredients to make my mom birthday cupcakes (which she requested) and my friend, Dancer, a key lime pie.  I was actually looking for Graham Crackers because that is the type of crust that she prefers.  I personally love using Nilla Wafers 🙂  While walking down the aisle I noticed a sign up for Archway Cookies going out of business.  The struck me as odd since I had only heard about Mother’s and then I look and see the types of cookies.


I picked up a package of the cookies and checked the manufacture, “Archway and Mother’s Cookies Company, Inc.”


It isn’t in the traditional brown bag, but I found my holy grail of cookies.

Lights down, little cookies

Lights down, little cookies

Granted they aren’t the best cookies in the world and they are extremely sweet, but I love them no matter what.  I love those little guys so much that while I was looking up the links for the blogs that I original saw the news on I came across an entry that The Food Librarian did on a Goodbye, Mother’s Cookies Shirt.  I immediate went to the site to order the shirt and was extremely happy because they were still in stock and they use American Apparel 🙂

I haven’t opened the bag yet, but I am looking forward to that moment when I open my last bag of Circus Animals and eat the first one.  It will be a great memory and a bittersweet moment up until the entire bag is gone.

Goodbye, Mother’s Cookies.  You will be missed and your Circus Animal Cookies too.  Like the t-shirt says on Cloth Moth, “lights down, little cookies.”


4 Responses to “My Search for Mother’s Cookies…The Holy Grail”

  1. Oh, I so feel your pain! I just got my shirt in the mail from Cloth Moth on Friday and it is really nice! (American Apparel so it is very soft, nice, and sweat-shop free). I wore it to Disneyland this weekend and one of the staff said she loved the cookie…and was sad when I told her about the end of the line…sniff, sniff.

  2. Oh lights down little cookie that’s soooo sweet.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Hehehe…what a funny little story. That teeshirt is especially cute.

  4. Jessica Says:

    I found the Archway Halloween version (orange and white) of the animal parade cookies at Target last week, and then again at CVS…

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