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Adventures in Wilton Cake Decorating: Course 1 Class 1 November 5, 2008

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I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes.

I can make them and the icing, and I have all the tools.   But when it comes to actually using them in the right manner and making something look pretty.  Well I have not been able to accomplish that on my own.   For the past 5 months I have been working in the front of a coffee house/pastry shop.  The only reason that I wanted the job was to eventually make my way into the back to bake and learn how to decorate cakes.  I have made my intentions known from the very beginning, but it doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere.  Especially since I have been asked if I was interested in eventually managing the store.  I understand that I am responsible, and have the education and experience to back it up but I would be rather baking.  I said I was interested but all I could think was I want to work in the back.

I have given up on everyone taking the hint and have asked off for every Tuesday in November so that I could start my adventure of Wilton Cake Decorating Classes.  I am hoping to be able to accomplish all 4 courses and if everything works out have them all completed in 4-5 months.  Because this is a little costly I have asked for this to be my Christmas Present from my parents 🙂  They have agreed and given me a Michaels gift card to cover the cost of the class kit ($20-$30 each) and the actually class ($21).  Most of the extra materials that we need I already own.  I have A LOT of cake decorating stuff that I have been holding on to hoping one day that I would learn 🙂

I attended my first class on Tuesday and it made me giggle inside a little.  The class was full.  I think there were probably 15 of us, all women ranging in age from early teens to early 60s.  I think I was the only student in class that had some experience with making my cakes, icing and forming a parchment cone.  I was actually helping some of the other ladies next to me.

The basic icing that we use I found intesting that it only uses shortening since I am use to either using all butter or a mixture.  Also, I thought it was funny that the icing uses 3 types of extract and it uses meringue powder.  But Wilton knows what it is doing so I will follow the rules.  For next week we have to either bring in a baked character cake or an iced 8 inch round cake.  I am going to go for the 8 inch round cake and just so that I don’t use all my flour and sugar in my apartment I am going to use box cake mix.

Don’t look at me like that.

If I can get good box cake mix for under $1 I am going to do that because in the long run it will be cheaper for me because of labor 🙂  Funny thing about the cake is that it is 8 inch round and I just recently discovered that the cake pans I have are 9 inch, pooper.  So now I am on the search for good cake pans and I found some that were good quality and cheap, but I won’t be able to get them here in a week, double pooper.  So the cake that I am doing is a rainbow cake, I am contemplating changing the colors of the cake to match my personal style 🙂  I looked ahead in the book and I am not exciting about the clown cake/cupcakes.  They are a little creepy and after watching the clown episode of Supernatural and The Sarah Jane Adventures, I don’t think I really want to get near a creepy looking clown.  On a side note, I love Doctor Who 🙂


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