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Misc Posts that didn’t make it in time November 5, 2008

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I have been extremely lazy lately, but I have been cooking.  I just didn’t take pictures of some of the things that I have made.  There were a few things that I wanted to post before the month of October was up because they would actually be relevant in that month.  For example, the Halloween cookies that I made but only took pictures using my camera phone and they aren’t staged or anything.  Also, I wanted to post my last VeganMofo entry.  As you can see, I was REALLY lazy.

1022081748I am going to start off with the Halloween Cookies.  I actually received the Halloween Cutout Cookie Cutters from Willam Sonoma from one of my friends, and I just had to use them.  I was really excited when I saw them in the catelog and I was very excited to receive them and actually get to use them.  I decided not to use the recipe for the cookies that came with the cookie cutters, but I did use the Buttercream recipe that was provided with the cutters.  In the end, I decided to use Martha Stewarts Basic Sugar Cookie Dough.  It makes a crap ton of cookies.  I ended up only using 1/3 of the dough and froze the rest of it.

1022081748aI was really skeptical about the cookie recipe because it did not contain any baking powder, which I am use to in almost all roll out cookie recipes.  I decided to take the chance on Martha.  This recipe can also be found in Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook.  The cookie cutters worked very well, but you had to make sure that the dough was cold and that you floured the cutters.  The only ones that I had problems with is the witch and cat cutters.  I loved using the skull and pumpkin cutters.  The cool thing about the cookie cutters is that they have three uses: you can just use them to cutout the basic outline shape of the cookie, to cutout and press a design i1022081749anto the cookies, or to do both previous actions and punch out.  After pressing out only 1/3 of the dough I was getting a little frustrated with some of the cutters and decided to bake off the cookies that I had already done.  This would also give me time to frost a design in the cookies that were already made.  I think doing the entire recipe would have just lead to me getting really frustrated and making too many cookies.

For the frosting on the cookies I was stuck between 1022081749using the buttercream recipe provided by William Sonoma or using royal icing.  I figured there was a reason to use the buttercream.  So I decided to use the original recipe and dye it into different colors: red, yellow, green, orange, and black.  I divided the buttercream up into different dishes and colored the frostings.  To make the black I melted some chocolate chips and mixed them into the buttercream so that it would be easier to dye the white frosting black.  This trick works everytime. So when you need to dye frosting black make sure it is chocolate frosting.  It makes it a lot easier 🙂

The cookies seemed to be a little hard to me but they tasted really good and turned out better than I thought they would 🙂


One Response to “Misc Posts that didn’t make it in time”

  1. Sarah Elkins Says:

    I love the skull cookies!

    (visiting from Dr. F’s blogroll)

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