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Jam and Jelly Exchange November 26, 2008

Filed under: Jams and Jellies — pastrybrush @ 7:00 am

100_1668A couple of months ago I participated in The Second Annual Jam and Jelly Exchange which was held by Molly of Batter Splattered

Once Molly posted asking individuals to join the exchange, I knew that I wanted to do it.  Every year I try to go pick strawberries or blackberries at the local berry farm.  This year I only had the opportunity to pick strawberries, but I did get my parents to get me some Peaches from a local orchard.  I ended up making to jams: Strawberry Jam and  Peach-Blackberry Jam.  I finished my jams and waited patiently to receive an email  telling me who would be the lucky recipient of my Jam.  At the end of September I got the email and was excited.  Two days later I packed up my jams and sent them to Kirstin of Kreative Kirstin.

I never got my jam in the mail, so Molly and I assumed it got lost or something.  She offered to send me some, which was awesome of her.  Jump to this passed Friday.  I got JAM from Molly, salmonberry-ginger jam.  I can’t wait to open it up and try it.  Thank you Molly 🙂


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