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Adventures in Wilton Cake Decorating: Course 1 Class 4 November 27, 2008

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For all the things that seemed to go wrong on Monday and Tuesday, I actually finished my cake.  Not in class though.  I was having some issues and I mean ISSUES.

First, the District Manager at Michaels decided to order the store a CRAP ton of Christmas Trees.  With nowhere to put them, they got dumped in the teaching classroom.  So we ended up having class in their break room.


The break room was so small that all of us could barely fit in there.  I ended up sitting in the doorway.  BAD DECISION!!! While trying to make roses employees were coming in and out of the break room and I had to move and would get bumped.  Which is fine because I know it wasn’t their fault.  What really got me was that one of the students moms decided to stand in the doorway, 2 feet away from me, watching her daughter.

I am not a violent person, but I HATE it when people just stand behind you and too close at that.  So I was getting frustrated.  It didn’t help that the room was extremely warm and my icing was too thin.  I had to add more powdered sugar to it and start again.  My first rose turned out good, and then the petals just started to break on the end and just frustrate me more.  It ended when I went to pipe the base of the rose and it lifted up and landed in my lap.

I was DONE.

I turned to the instructor and asked if I could place the one good rose on, do the other detail work, and complete the cake at home.  She said that was okay, as long as when we started Course 2 in 2 weeks that I bring her a picture of the cake so that she can see that I completed it.  Thank GOD!!!

100_1684Rose went on nicely.  I added my writing with no hang ups.  I started to pipe my shell border with sweet peas and everything was going good until i shoved 2 of my fingers into the cake.  I was just happy that that happened to be the back.  Ten minutes later, I had finished piping the top and bottom border and then my instructor was passing something and hit my cake with her elbow 😦 It just flattened two of the shells on top so I fixed it.  No big deal.

I finished my cake at 1am Wednesday morning.  I decided to fix my icing and take a break 🙂  It helped.  The roses turned out okay.  I just couldn’t figure out why everyone elses in class looked so much better.  I put the roses on the cake, piped in the leaves (which I could have done better), put the stems on, and then piped on a crappy bow.  Oh well, it was done and looked pretty decent.


Back to the roses, I figured it out.  I decided to watch the video on Wilton.com after I finished.  I should have done it before but hindsight is 20/20.  Essentially i have not been forming the petals the length of the base, if that makes sense.  I know now, so it makes me feel better.  I will just have to practice more.  Too bad I just threw out most of my icing 🙂


2 Responses to “Adventures in Wilton Cake Decorating: Course 1 Class 4”

  1. Louella Says:

    Thanks for posting your experiences with Wilton classes. I’m from the Philippines and I’ve been going back and forth the past month whether to attend a cake decorating seminar or just learn on my own. it’s a struggle between spending for the class (USD100 here for a 2-day class) or a KA mixer. My question is, how much did your skills improve after the Wilton classes and how were you able to watch videos at Wilton.com? Okay, so that’s more than 1 question. lol. Also, on course 1, did you decorate real or dummy cake? Thanks!

  2. Cydney Says:

    I can thank you enough for your blogging on the Wilton classes! 🙂
    I would be sooo very lost without it 😦

    The class flys by (2 hours & everybody’s chatter)
    So we (I mostly) wind-up finishing the cake at home
    (which pisses me off! ~ since I am spending so much money for supplies beside, the course fee)

    In 2 days I will attend class 4 (the “dreaded roses” class)
    Still have NOT figured out my colors for the roses, bows, etc.

    The Wilton Couse #1 Book SUCKS!!!
    (who wrote this???….when you find them, let me know so I can SCREAM at them “What were you thinking?”) 😦 😦

    The “Course Book” drives me crazy…nothing is organized.
    (maybe I just get it???)

    Thank you again for your Blog!

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