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Tuesdays with Dorie: An explanation December 3, 2008

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Since the month of December is really busy for a lot of people, Laurie gave all of us the option of posting our recipes by December 31st.  The catch is that if we do post it always has to be on a Tuesday, hence Tuesdays with Dorie 🙂  I am currently in the middle of my holiday cookie baking this week and I am actually including 3 of the 5 recipes (which are cookies) into this week also.  Don’t be surprised if I double up on some of the posts.  Trust me, I will make everything.  I just have to fit it in with making cookies for my family.

Later this week, I am also going to post about my first year cooking Thanksgiving and all of the dishes that I made.  Lets just put it this way, I made so much food I had to give some of it away to friends and I still have too much 🙂

Happy Eating 🙂


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