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Cookie Exchange December 25, 2008

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100_1788After the 2nd Annual Jam and Jelly Exchange was successful, a fellow blogger suggested a cookie exchange for the holiday season.  Molly of Batter-Splattered again organized another exchange and this time it was for a dozen cookies and an ornament from the country/state/whatever you live in.  I mailed my cookies out a few weeks ago to Lauren of Sassy Molassy, and completely forgot to take pictures.  But thank godness she did and she posted them 🙂  I ended up sending Lauren an ornament and a few different types of cookies: Italian Fig Spirals, Butterballs, Oatmeal Raisin with Cinnamon Chips, and Andes Mint Chocolate chip cookies.  Cruise on over to her site to see how she liked everything 🙂

100_1789I got a great surpise when I got home from work on Saturday, my cookies were here.  I receive my cookies and fudge 🙂 from Jennifer of Cooking For Comfort.  I was so excited when I opened the box.  I had a container of homemade fudge and a Thumbprint cookie that I would discribe as a butter cookie rolled in coconut.  Some of the cookies were filled with Apricot Jam and other were filled with Raspberry (I think).  Everything was AWESOME.  The cookies were in a cute little tin and the fudge was in a decorative container too.  Jennifer sent me a card too and it is so pretty, and it looks homemade 🙂  I have to say just from what Jennifer sent me she must be a great cook and very crafty.  Thank you so much Jennifer.


2 Responses to “Cookie Exchange”

  1. drfaulken Says:

    Hi Jennifer, I had I really liked the cookies too. I had the pleasure of eating some of them, and they were very good!

  2. juju73 Says:

    I’m so happy that you loved your exchange surprise!!!! I certainly enjoyed making the thumbprints, and the fudge. I hope you have had a very, Merry Christmas and that you have a most Happy New Year!!!!

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