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Adventures in Wilton Cake Decorating Course 2 Classes 3-4 January 7, 2009

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100_1849I know that I am a little behind on my Wilton Course 2 posts, especially since I start Course 3 TODAY!!!  I will update everyone on that later in the week.  Back to Course 2.  For Class 3, we learned a few more flowers and our instructor taught us the basketweave earlier so that we could practice it at home.  The flowers that we learned to make were the primrose, pansy, daffodil, and daisy.  You wouldn’t think that out of all of those flowers the one that was the hardest would be the daisy, for me that is.  I have no idea why but trying to get those petals to look right just drove me crazy.  Also anytime I would have to pipe the last petal on anything I would cut part of the first petal off :/

I finally got it down and it wasn’t too bad.  The basketweave was pretty easy; you just have to pay attention to what you are doing.

For the final class, I was prepared.  I had all of my flowers made and i brought extra just in case.  My cake was baked and iced, and I had my buttercream icing already made so that I could pipe my borders and the basketweave.  When I get to class I am ready to go.  Instead of an old converse shoe box with my decorating stuff in it; I have my brand new Wilton Tool Caddy.

I have plans to cover my caddy in stickers to make it my own because you know using the converse box was totally me 🙂

100_1853So I sit down in class and start my basketweave.  Immediately I noticed that my icing is more stiff than usual.  Which is funny because anytime we were working with buttercream icing my instructor would tell me that my icing consistency looked thinner than it was suppose to be.  Which I found to be funny because there is really no way to know if your icing is really the right consistency.  Even if you follow the recipe exactly to make medium consistency icing, you usually always have to add more liquid :/  I think this time I didn’t add more and it became a pain in the ass.

It took me one hour to finish applying the basketweave on my cake.  This was for two reasons: 1) I am anal and I made sure those lines were straight, and 2) squeezing that bag hurt my hand to the point that my palm was red and my hand was cramping (not cool).  Everyone in class finished before me because of my “problems.”  I am finally done and I go to apply the top and bottom rope borders.  I just finished my top rope border and I start to apply my flowers when….

4 inches of the border fall off.  I calmly remove that piece, replace the tip on my bag, and pipe the missing sections.  I then start to reapply the flowers, AND

100_1847the border falls off again.  This time I happen to say M***er f***er out loud, and then say calmly after that, “I didn’t say that.”  The ladies in my class laugh 🙂  When the border fell this time it took some of the basketweave with it, but nothing that the top border wouldn’t cover when I fixed it.  I figured the border wasn’t sticking because the icing was too stiff.  I piped a small line of icing and piped the border on top of that.  Right after I finished I grabbed a flower and pushed the border into the cake with it.


By this time there was only 5 minutes left in class so I applied my flowers, birds, and piped in some leaves.  Class was done :sigh:

When I got home I applied more flowers and made sure the border wasn’t going to fall off again.  The cake actually looked really good.  I actually never ended up cutting into because I felt bad and wanted to show my parents when they came into town.  It still looks good and I am planning to discard it soon 🙂100_18451


3 Responses to “Adventures in Wilton Cake Decorating Course 2 Classes 3-4”

  1. sooz Says:

    i can’t believe how good your cake looks!
    i am looking into taking the classes at my local arts and crafts and came across your blog when researching whether or not it was worth it. after seeing your cake after your 8th class, i am sold.
    thanks for taking the time to blog for us!!!

  2. Katy Says:

    Your cake looks great – I just finished course 1 and am thinking about starting Course 2 – Did you have to buy many “extra” supplies for course 2 (other than what is included in the kit)? I found I had to for course 1, but I really can’t afford to take Course 2 if I am going to run into a similar situation…

    • pastrybrush Says:

      Hey Katy,
      I just went back and looked and I don’t think I bought anything extra for Course 2. Maybe a cake board or two and an extra 103 and 104 tip, but that was it. Everything else was included in the kit. Good luck with Course 2 🙂

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