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Wholly Guacamole February 11, 2009

Filed under: Appetizer — pastrybrush @ 7:00 am

The other night I was up late and watching the Food Network.

Yeah that probably isn’t good for anyone, but I was doing it.

I saw a new product that was on the market and was completely intrigued.

1) Because I love guacamole

2) I have never found anything in the grocery store that was prepackaged that taste as good as homemade


I found the mother load.  I was at a locally owned grocery store and found Wholly Guacamole in the refrigerated section next to the produce.  It was a little pricey, but I had to try it.  I decided to pick up a packet of the Spicy, and it was fantastic.  It tasted like homemade.  I just ventured over to their site and saw that they also have Pico De Gallo Style, which is essentially how I make mine.  I need to get my hands on the Pico De Gallo Style because you know I have to taste test it now 🙂

How do I like to eat my guacamole?

  • Straight out of the package or bowl
  • With tortilla chips
  • Wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla with grilled chicken
  • On a hamburger 🙂
  • Anyway because it YUMMY!!!

How do you like to eat your guacamole?


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