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VeganMoFo: Vegan Wraps at Ellwood’s Coffee October 1, 2009

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VeganMoFo III is upon us.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you need to get with the program.  Well, not really 🙂  VeganMoFo stands for Vegan Month of Food.  It is that one time of year that all vegans and omnis can get together on their blogs or where ever and post about vegan food, products, and pretty much anything you want to that is vegan.  It is a joyous month in my omni life where I experiment with vegan cooking and/or eating more often than I would the rest of the year.

I initially had this meal planned that I wanted to make, but I am currently missing one of the key ingredients and I am going to have to resort to buying it online.  So, instead, I have decided to finally post about the Vegan Wraps at Ellwood’s Coffee 🙂

Please excuse the poor quality photos.  I was taking them with my phone.

First up is the Green Pig.  It consists of spicy guacamole, tempeh bacon, organic tomatoes and organic sprouts wrapped up in a tomato tortilla with a side of fresh fruit.  When I ordered this I was asked if I wanted it warmed.  I asked the barista what he prefers and he said warm, and he was spot on.  The tempeh bacon tastes just like the one in Vegan with a Vengence, but sometimes the smokiness was a little too much.  The way I solved that was to flip the wrap over so that I tasted the guacamole first, because who doesn’t like GUAC!

The Green Pig

The Green Pig

Next up, the Thai Tofu Wrap.  I totally burned myself eating the one.  A carrot shot out and got me in the hand.  This wrap I also had warmed and is filled with baked tofu with julienned vegetables and peanut sauce.  I actually really enjoyed this wrap also which is funny because I hate cooked carrots with a passion and it was perfect.

Thai Tofu Wrap

Thai Tofu Wrap

Last but certainly not least, the TON OF FUN.  I am completely one of those people that just ordered this because I loved the name.  The Ton of Fun consists of mixed green lettuce, hummus, cucumbers,  tomatoes, and sprouts wrapped up nicely in a tomato tortilla with a side of fresh fruit.  This was the first wrap that I ever had at Ellwood’s and it was yummy.

Ton Of Fun

Ton Of Fun


2 Responses to “VeganMoFo: Vegan Wraps at Ellwood’s Coffee”

  1. bex Says:

    this makes me want a panini press so I can have pretty grilled sammies whenever I want!

  2. Sara Beth Says:

    I’m with the other commenter in wanting a panini press. Those wraps all look very tasty. I’d love to try the Thai Tofu one.

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