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Another Macaron, Another Day March 5, 2010

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This past week, Clara from I ♥ Food 4 Thought decided to throw down the gauntlet with some Macarons.  She also invited any Tuesdays With Dorie member to join her on her faithful journey to Macarontown.  I thought why the hell not.  At first I thought she said Macaroons, and I was like sure I have extra coconut hanging around, but then, like Laurie, I noticed there was only one of those sneaky little “O”s.  Which means something completely different.

1 “o” = French Macarons – egg whites, nut flour, and complicated little feet

2 “o”s = Coconut Macaroons – a lot easier to make and no crazy little feet

I thought sure, why not.  I have made macarons on 3 other occasions (Opera, Blue, and DB Challenge).  With all those three, I used Tartlette’s  base recipe for macarons.  I never had any trouble with the feet or anything, but I always thought that I stirred it too much because mine were always round/flat and Tartlette’s always had that lifted round quality.

This time Clara said she was going to use David Lebovitz recipe, which I have not yet tried.  I don’t know if I screwed up but the batter seemed more dense this time around, and I got the lifted round quality, but they weren’t perfect enough.  I think this time I didn’t stir enough. I guess eventually practice makes perfect.  For the filling, I decided to use some left over coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache that I had stashed in the freezer.

Because really…you never know when you might need some 🙂

They tasted great and Mike took the mini Macarons to work and they seemed to be a hit.  The macaron gauntlet was thrown, accepted, and finished 🙂  Thanks for the challenge Clara.


One Response to “Another Macaron, Another Day”

  1. CB Says:

    Your macarons turned out so nice and puffy! Feet feet feet! I should try Tartlette’s recipe. It seems many ppl have great results with hers. Thanks for asking the macacron gauntlet with me!

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