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Tuesdays With Dorie: Coconut Tea Cake March 30, 2010

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This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Carmen of Carmen Cooks. She picked Dorie’s Coconut Tea Cake which is located on pages 194-195 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.

Have a mentioned that I like coconut?  I am sure I have 🙂

I was a little excited about this recipe because 1) it has coconut and 2) I get to use my new bundt pan that I got for my birthday.  This recipe came together really easy, and while it was baking my house smelled wonderful.  When the tea cake was ready to come out of the pan I turn it out and to my surprise it came out perfectly.  I was extremely excited and yelled for my husband to come in the kitchen to see how pretty it was 🙂

I have to say that I will never give my husband crap for getting me a bundt pan for my birthday.  He will also probably hear me complain less since I won’t have to deal with the dreaded half of the cake stuck in the pan.  Which is always a huge downer because I can’t give the cake away in its deformed state, it has to look pretty.  So problem solved 🙂

Taste test: FANTASTIC!!! Mike even said he liked it sans the texture of the coconut, but I could hardly even feel the texture of the coconut.  The cake was moist with a light coconut flavor.  It was perfect 🙂  To make the cake pretty, I glazed it with a mixture of milk and powdered sugar.  I mixed enough milk into the sugar so that it was thick and held a nice ribbon when dripping off the spoon.


18 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie: Coconut Tea Cake”

  1. pamela Says:

    It looks wonderful! Nice job on the drizzle, too. Really pretty.

  2. SIhan Says:

    Looks like the pan was worth it, that cake is gorgeous. Especially with the drizzle.

  3. Jill B Says:

    Yours is so pretty!

  4. Mary Says:

    Lovely cake! I like the way you’ve drizzled on the icing (I just dumped mine on). I loved this cake too:)

  5. Karen Says:

    Your cake did turn out really pretty. 🙂 Glad your hubby won’t be getting anymore crap for getting you a bundt pan. 😉

  6. Jules Says:

    That looks lovely! My husband bought me a griddle last year for Hanukkah. I ended up loving it!

  7. cindy harris Says:

    I love it when my cake slides out of the pan! Beautiful cake that tastes delicious. It’s a winner.

  8. mike Says:

    Ooohh… you’ll use that bundt a LOT, trust me! How neat that he got that for you. The cake looks exquisite! Love the icing treatment you did!

  9. Lisa Says:

    Your cake looks beautiful. I actually flipped and made the mocha walnut bundt cake (few errors). Can’t wait to make the tea cake next week after seeing yours.

  10. Susan Says:

    Yum! Your glaze looks perfect. Great pan! 🙂

  11. Eliza Says:

    how did you get your glaze to be so perfect!?! it looks amazing!

    • pastrybrush Says:

      For the glaze I just mixed milk and powdered sugar until it was a nice thick consistency. I mixed it in a liquid measuring cup with a spout. Then I placed the cake on a rack, and poured the glaze over the cake. I wish I knew the exact measurements I used but I was just adding as I went. Thanks everyone 🙂

  12. carmencooks Says:

    Your cake is gorgeous – thanks for baking with me this week!

  13. Michelle Says:

    Your glaze is rockin, nice job!

  14. Your cake is very pretty! Nice job. 🙂

  15. Becky O. Says:

    gosh, your drizzle is perfect on that cake! glad you liked it.

    mine just came out of the oven and is cooling. we’ll be having it for Easter dessert. 🙂

  16. hey! the drizzle makes the cake look incredible!

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