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Happy 50th Anniversary Nanny and PaPa July 26, 2010

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This is what I was doing the past week.

We had a surprise 50th Anniversary Celebration for my Nanny and PaPa and I was hired to make the cakes and deliver them (1 hr away).

Everything came together pretty well, and I only had a few problems.  My major one being procrastination.  I ended up having to work a closing shift the night before the party.  I got home at 11pm and then stayed up until 530am finishing the gumpaste roses, crumb coating 2 cakes, and then finishing one cake.  It wasn’t too bad.  I sleep for 6 hours and then got up and covered two cakes in fondant.  The fondant was being a little bit of a jerk, so it wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it.  I figure I might just not use that medium anymore since I can ice a cake more evenly and with less lumps 🙂

The other random incidents that happened are the night before, on my way to work, my drivers side window decided to die and not want to roll up.  I could literally hear the parts breaking and falling off into the door while I was driving to work.  I ended up getting to work, finding a roll of packing tape and taping my window up until I could get it fixed (which happens to be today).  Then while packing the cakes up on Saturday we realized that the bottom tier of the cake was too big to fit into the cooler.  By that time, nothing was really bothering me so we just pack some ice bags in the box with the cake, and then drove an hour in the heat with a broken window.

Everything workout in the end, no cake tragedies.

However, I did get a kick out of my husband driving my car up to the toll plaza and having to open the door to pay the toll 🙂

All it all everything was great.  My Nanny and PaPa were very surprised with the 56 people that showed up to celebrate with them, and they loved their cakes.  PaPa ended up taking his whole cake home with him and the rest of the cake was sliced and given to guests to take home.

With that….Happy 50th Anniversary Nanny and PaPa!!!!!


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