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Tuesdays With Dorie: Oatmeal Breakfast Bread August 17, 2010

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This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Natalie of Oven Love

She picked Dorie’s Oatmeal Breakfast Bread, which is located on page 44 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.

I had actually planned to make this when I was back home in Texas this past week, but that didn’t happen.  I went back home for 6 days so that I could see my parents and go to my 10 year High School Reunion.  The reunion was cool.  I had really only kept in close contact with a few people, so it was nice to see what everyone else was up to.  But now in days, things like Facebook make it easier to keep tabs on people.   It was weird because there are a lot of people that still live in the area, and didn’t even come to the reunion.  But I guess since I haven’t lived in TX for the past 10 years it was more of a big deal for me to go and see my friends.  After seeing everyone it made me realize how much I missed having certain people in my life.  I guess I should bite the bullet and try my best to keep in contact with my friends 🙂

Before I left Texas, I ended up opening my memory books and stuff from my Senior year and looking at what everyone wrote.  It was nice to know that I made a difference in certain people’s lives at the time.  Most of the comments made me smile, but some made me sad for friends that have since passed away.  I guess you could say it was bittersweet.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled baking program….Oatmeal Breakfast Bread!!!!

I ended up making a full recipes, and baking it in a large muffin pan.  I used half golden raisins and half dried apricots.  I have yet to taste these, but they sure did smell great when they were baking.  Once the sun comes out in the morning, I will take a picture and the dig into a muffin…so verdict will come in a few hours 🙂

UPDATE:  Sorry it took a week, but I have been extremely tired lately and the rainy weather made it difficult to take pictures, especially since I like to take them outside (better lighting).  This bread was great.  I loved how moist and soft it was and then addition of apricots and raisins gave it a nice sweetness.  The addition of cloves and cinnamon reminded me of the fall, and these were perfect with a cup of fresh coffee 🙂


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