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My 30th Birthday Cake Pie February 14, 2012

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For my 30th birthday, I decided that instead of making the usual crazy decadent chocolate dessert (You know because it is Valentine’s Day, just saying, and everyone is a chocolate addict today) or the usual chocolate chip cookie cake that I have had for almost every birthday; I flipped through Vegan Pie In The Sky and made a decision.

Boston Cream Cake Pie

Yes, I said Cake Pie. Who doesn’t like a Boston Cream Cake? Then add Pie to the end and who could not resist it.

This cake pie consists of four layers: vanilla cookie crust, vanilla cream/pudding, vanilla cake, and chocolate ganache. It does take some time to make. I think it might have taken me 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. Which isn’t bad for a dessert. After making this, I knew it was for my birthday but I couldn’t resist trying it so we cut into it 2 days before my birthday. I couldn’t help it, it was calling to me.


I loved this dessert and Mike actually really liked it too. Which is saying something because he usually stays away from vegan desserts that I make because I tricked him into eating tofu one time when I made a vegan chocolate mousse pie 🙂 Probably one of the funniest things for me is when I told him there was tofu in it. Classic!!!

He knew there was tofu in the pie this time, so there was no tricking involved. I usual replace all the soy milk in dessert recipes for rice milk because of the strong flavor of the soy. However, this time I decided to stick with soy milk and it worked out great. Since the cake pie has a lot of strong individual flavors, they mask the taste of the soy perfectly.

It is very strange for me to say that I am 30 because I feel the same. Last year on my Birthday we found out we were having a little girl. Now my little girl is 8 months old. I know the time is going to pass by in the blink of an eye, and I am just trying to hold onto all the moments I have with my smiling monkey.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!



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