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Tuesdays With Dorie: Hungarian Shortbread May 1, 2012

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This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is being hosted by Lynette of 1smallkitchen and Cher of The Not So Exciting Adventures of a Dabbler… They were lottery picked to dabble in the world of Hungarian Shortbread which is located on page 327 in Baking With Julia.

In the recipe you can make your own rhubarb filling, or if you can’t find rhubarb or are being lazy and want a quick shortbread you can use any jam/preserves you have on hand. I wanted to use raspberry preserves but Mike uses that for his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I figured it wouldn’t be very nice of me to use all of his raspberry preserves. So I opted for apricot preserves, which is just as lovely as raspberry.

I loved the out of the ordinary way that this recipe is put together.

Who would have thought to freezer the dough and then use a box grater to grate the dough into the pan?

I would have NEVER thought to do this and it makes it so much easier than trying to spread a sticky dough. Which if I was given the option I probably would have just spread the dough, but I love the idea of grating the dough and it worked out prefectly.

The dough came together very easily and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I love shortbread especially with a freshly brewed cup of Irish Black Tea. Very yummy and the perfect compliment to the buttery shortbread and the sweetness of the preserves and confectioners’ sugar topping.


5 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie: Hungarian Shortbread”

  1. I wish I got to experience the grating part. My dough was so crumbly it just fell apart in my hands, even after the freezer. Your cake looks great!

  2. julessomeone Says:

    These would be so good with apricot! Nice.

  3. Cher Says:

    Very nice.
    Grating the dough was interesting, wasn’t it?
    Thanks for baking along this week.

  4. Teresa Says:

    I think apricot is a great choice for these bars. The technique is really interesting – I want to try it with other recipes now.

  5. simple, tasty and easy to make.

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