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VeganMoFo has begun October 1, 2012

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And everyone was rejoicing!!!!!!!

Vegan Month of Food has returned like it does every October, and of course I am participating.

Word of caution for Vegans out there: I am an omnivore that likes to experiment with Vegan Cooking and Baking, so everything on my blog is not Vegan unless it is noted in the recipe/category/tag. With that being said, for the month of October my entries will all be Vegan, so no worries there.

I usually participate in Tuesdays With Dorie twice a month but this month I will only be posting recipes that are already Vegan or can be made Vegan easily. All other recipes, I will post once VeganMoFo has come to an end. Do not worry fellow TWDers, I am still baking along but out of respect for the Vegans that will be reading my blog I will not be posting non-vegan recipes.

With that being said, lets start with everyone’s favorite breakfast carb or at least it is some of the time….ENGLISH MUFFINS.

I guess my favorite breakfast carb is pancakes or waffles.

Who doesn’t love a waffle, but I will tackle that later in the month or maybe this week.

Back to English Muffins, I have actually always wanted to make my own English Muffins but every time I came across a recipe they always called for English Muffin rings and the recipes seemed long. In Vegan Brunch, the recipe was very straight forward, you didn’t need rings, and I actually had all of the ingredients on hand. When does that ever happen?

The English Muffins turned out perfect, and you couldn’t even tell they were Vegan. For breakfast, I like to toast mine up and top them with Blackberry Preserves. You can alway make little Vegan Pizzas for lunch by topping them with some tomato sauce and vegan cheese.

For the recipe just pick up Vegan Brunch, you won’t regret it because they are A LOT of great recipes in the book.



One Response to “VeganMoFo has begun”

  1. Pat Brush Says:

    Wow – they look amazing! Wish I could taste one

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