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Tuesdays With Dorie: Madeleines April 16, 2013

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This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is being hosted by Katie and Amy of Counter Dog. Their recipe is Madeleines, which is located on page 334 of Baking With Julia. The recipe is actually a Ladyfinger Genoise that is then piped into a Madeleine mold.

The flavor of the recipe is just a basic vanilla, but I decided to flavor these with lemon since I had one on hand, and playing with lemon zest and sugar (rubbing them together) just makes me feel good. The recipe says that it makes 24 Madeleines, but I ended up with 18 (which is perfectly fine). The cookies turned out very well. I know a lot of bakers said their cookies were dry compared to other recipes they have made. Which I could understand, but if you have made a genoise cake or anything you know that they are dry. Also, madeleines are best eaten the day they are made or just do what I do and dip them in your tea, which makes the dryness moot 🙂

While I was eating a Madeleine, Emma came up and wanted to try it. I know she loves lemons and any citrus. She proceeded to eat the rest of the cookie and was trying to hide it from me because she didn’t want to share with Mike or I. It was actually pretty cute watching her eat it because she would suck on it like a lemon slice and then take a bite.

I probably would not use this recipe as my go to for Madeleines, but I think it would make great ladyfingers. So I will more than likely make these again just in ladyfinger form for Tiramisu.



Tuesdays With Dorie: Rustic Potato Loaves April 2, 2013

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This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is Rustic Potato Loaves, which is located on page 138 in Baking With Julia. This recipe is being hosted by Dawn of Simply Sweet. Head on over to her blog to get a look at her results and the recipe.

I actually loved this recipe because the rising time was so quick that you had fresh, delicious bread in no time. For the potatoes, I cooked two russets with skins and then put them through a food mill to remove the skins. I also figured this would mashed the potatoes better than just putting them in the mixer with the paddle attachment. Granted I did use more dishes, but I don’t get to play with the food mill very often. I was very surprised how easy this recipe was. My loaves didn’t turn out like footballs, but I didn’t mind that because they are “Rustic” and turned out very nice. Instead of spraying the oven with water to create steam I just throw a couple of ice cubes into the bottom of the oven and that seems to work perfectly fine.

We ate half of one loaf during dinner, Emma really liked the bread. The other half of the loaf we have been using to make sandwiches, which it makes great bread for. The other full loaf I brought over to my in-laws for Easter Dinner. This is a recipe that I will definitely make again.