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And so it begins…Vegan MoFo September 2, 2013

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This year Vegan Month of Food is in September instead of October. As a disclaimer, I am an omnivore that likes to dabble in Vegan cooking.

At first I came up with a great idea for this month, I was going to go Vegan for a month and document my meals and my experience. But then I thought about what was going on in my life.

Oh yeah, I have a 4 month old that relies on me for food. I know there are plenty of mothers out there that are Vegan and breastfeed, but I didn’t want to drastically change my diet unless I was under the care of a physician and could do it correctly. So since I will be my youngest main food source for her first year, I decided that I would do this experiment for Vegan MoFo 2014.

For this month, I have a few ideas for entries with regard to different food items that I haven’t made before. I am also going to review a few readymade vegan food items. Finally, I am going to be making a good amount of smoothies and/or soups (pureed items) for me and my 2 year old. I will be doing this for 2 reasons: 1) my husband got me an EARLY Christmas present in the form of a Vitamix (very excited about this, will arrive in 1-2 weeks) and 2) Emma use to eat any vegetables that I would feed her and now she won’t really touch a vegetable unless it is peas or tomatoes. Granted she LOVES fruit, but my crazy munchkin needs some leafy greens. For some odd reason she will drink my green smoothies 🙂

My main goal this time around is to post more and everything I make. I have a tendency to make stuff and then not post about. The girls keep me busy, so I will be posting/cooking in the middle of the day during naptime.



6 Responses to “And so it begins…Vegan MoFo”

  1. dropscone Says:

    That is a GREAT Christmas present from your husband. Even though I couldn’t really afford my Vitamix I’ve really enjoyed having it the past 18 months or so and use it many times a week. Looking forward to seeing what you make! I also like your blog name, since that’s what I usually do (oven temp, right?).

    • pastrybrush Says:

      I am really excited about the Vitamix 🙂
      Yep, the name of my blog does refer to oven temp.

      • veghotpot Says:

        haha brilliant blog name!! I literally stick my oven on the same temperature everytime and just change the timings! Goodluck with your vegan mofo month x

  2. Hi
    how are you doing? I just saw your blog over on Vegan Mofo, and I thought it would be nice to connect 🙂

    It’s the first time for me to take part.

    Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? Let me know where I can find you so I can support you.

    I am writing about candida and trying out crazy sugar free, mostly allergy-friendly food creations over at candidadietplan.com.

    All my best,

    P.S. Enjoy your vitamix – I’d love to have one! Awesome pressie…

  3. kimbelina Says:

    Oooh… So jealous of your early Christmas gift! I hope you make many delicious soups and smoothies this month.
    Happy Vegan MoFo!

  4. Welcome to MoFo! I also love your blog name – how many times have I told myself that very thing, especially with older recipes that are super vague!

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