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Smoothie Time Part 1 September 14, 2013

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My EARLY Christmas Present, Vitamix, actually came a lot earlier than we thought it would. I have already made a few things with it and I have to say that I love this machine. Granted it is loud and it does scare Emma (my 2 year old), but when it is done blending she claps and says, “Yay.” Surprisingly, it hasn’t woken anyone up from their naps yet. But I have been wary about using it too early in the morning because I am afraid that I will have one or both wake up and sometimes Mom just needs a little break in the morning before everyone is awake.

Back to smoothies, I made a Peach Mango Smoothie and didn’t add any sweetener. I think next time I make that one I will add some agave syrup to it. The recipe calls for either 2 dates or 1 tablespoon of honey, but honey is a NO NO so probably 1.5 teaspoons of agave should work. The first time I made the Peach Mango, I forgot I had mango and substituted in frozen raspberries and frozen bananas and did not include the ice.

When I made it the other day, I discovered that I had frozen mangos. So I made it again and this time I added a vegan protein powder to it. Which I will review later. Emma was really interested in my smoothie and because I didn’t want her to have any of the protein powder I made her her own smoothie of half a fresh peach and a frozen banana with a little bit of water. It probably made 2 cups and I only gave her half a cup at a time. When I got home from work, Mike told me that she ended up drinking the whole thing. I guess Mommy needs to start making some green smoothies to start getting more veggies into Emma.



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