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Tuesdays With Dorie: Buttermilk Scones March 4, 2014

This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is a recipe for Buttermilk Scones, which is located on pages 210-211 in Baking With Julia. The recipe is just a basic scone recipe with the addition of either lemon or orange zest. I asked Mike what he would prefer, so we went with lemon zest. Which of course I doubled the amount to 2 teaspoons.

These might be one of the best scones I have ever had and made. The rise on them was absolutely perfect and the lemon flavor went perfectly with the cup of tea that I had with them. I actually didn’t need to put any butter or jam on them because they were perfect just the way they are. Even the day after baking I still preferred them plain.

Emma even got in on the scones action. Initially when they were still warm she asked me to put it in the freezer to cool it down. Mike then proceeded to take her out to play in the snow. When they came back inside, I made them hot chocolate and everyone ate a scone. Emma stood on a chair at the counter and ate her small scone with her hot chocolate in an espresso cup (perfect size for an almost 3 year old).

Mike took two scones into work this morning, and I have already eaten two today and it isn’t even 1 pm yet. Emma also had most of a small scone; again while standing on a chair at the counter. She tried to claim all of them by trying to lick/bite the sugar off the top but I came in before the act was complete.

Now, here is a crappy picture of a scone since I haven’t had time to upload the pictures from the camera yet 🙂



7 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie: Buttermilk Scones”

  1. What a good reward when your family enjoy your baking!!! Certainly the best for a baker!!!
    This recipe was great, very easy and delicious!!

  2. A perfect after-play treat! Or a perfect treat any time, I think! Yum. I am glad your family enjoyed them!

  3. saucygander Says:

    Your scones sure sound tasty, and a treat for a whole family! We liked them, especially because they were so quick to make!

  4. Teresa Says:

    You got great height on these! I enjoyed these plain, too, but they were great with just about any spread, as well.

  5. oven chaos Says:

    I do not blame Emma for wanting to lick the tops of those scones – they look great!

  6. SandraM Says:

    These really were good scones! I loved them and look forward to making them again and again…with different variations.

  7. Ha! The top was my favorite part! Go Emma! These were wonderful

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