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Vegan Month of Food 2014 September 1, 2014

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Well not for today, but I do start my Vegan “challenge” of a sorts.  The past few years that I have participated in Vegan Month of Food aka Vegan MoFo I have just tried to cook and post as much Vegan food as possible.  Well it hasn’t worked out very well.  As you see, I am an omnivore so be careful when cruising my blog because if it doesn’t say it is Vegan than it isn’t.  I do have a lot of Vegan content on here though and I do stick to the rules for the month of September for only posting Vegan items. So with that being said let’s get down to business.

Last year I really wanted to go Vegan for the month, but was unable to because I had recently had a baby. I know there are many Vegans who have babies and everything is fine. But because I am an omnivore, if I was going to go Vegan while breastfeeding I wanted to do it correctly and under the supervision of a doctor.  Well being a mother of two little girls, that would just take too much time. So I waited until this year.

For the month of September, I am going Vegan.  WOOT!!!!!

The plan for this past weekend was to prep a bunch of Vegan Burgers, but with the family and falling asleep all the time (Hot Yoga and 5k training have been sucking my energy away) I was unable to.  I did however go shopping with my youngest (1 year old) and picked up all of my non-perishable and some perishable ingredients.  I went thru my collection of Vegan Cookbooks and picked out recipes that I wanted to try. I figured it is also an opportunity to get more veg into my family.

This morning I am making Whole Wheat French Bread (in the bread maker), Chicky Tuna Salad Sandwiches and Bistro Beet Burgers (pages 99 and 82, from Isa Does it). I am also soaking chickpeas for the Falafel Burgers (page 85 in Isa Does it).  I incidentally wasn’t paying attention when I was shopping, being with a 1 year old and all, and I picked up Pita Bread that wasn’t vegan. So, I will be making my own mini pitas this week for the Falafel Burgers.  All of the excess burgers I am freezing after I cook them so that I can have quick meals for lunch and or dinner when I am at work.

I didn’t really have anything crazy for breakfast this morning.  I had a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea while I herded my two girls around and then shoved a vanilla coconut yogurt into my mouth.  I am going to have the Chicky Tuna Salad for lunch and the Bistro Beet Burger for dinner. I am considered not having one of them on bread and incorporating a salad to that meal.  Tomorrow my diet will change a bit because I am started another round of the 21 days fix, but doing it Vegan this time.  It is mainly about portion control and making sure I stick to healthy food groups. Granted that won’t affect what I make because Momma needs some sweets in her life and I like to cook. So I might just have a small portion of something’s and only tastes of others. 

I will be blogging about my experience with going Vegan and how I am feeling each day with going Vegan in an omnivore household.

It should be interesting, so Stay tuned 🙂


3 Responses to “Vegan Month of Food 2014”

  1. Very interesting read! I’ve only been vegan 3 months myself, and this is the first time I’ve done this blogging challenge, so I’m definitely with you on this one! I’ve got quite a few vegan recipes on my blog if you were looking for ideas & I’d love your thoughts on my first Vegan MoFo attempt 🙂 http://goodfoodmarsh.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/tomato-and-lentil-millefeuilles-vegan-mofo-1/

  2. Congrats on going vegan for the month! I’m interested to see how things work with your family 🙂

  3. Julie Says:

    This is an awesome theme! Best of luck with going vegan; looks like you’ve been doing great so far! 🙂

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