When in Doubt…Leave it at 350

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About Me July 7, 2008

My name is Erin, but I post as pastrybrush. I grew up in the great state of Texas, and I currently reside in Virginia with my husband, our two little girls, and 2 little monkeys/dogs.


Growing up I used to cook with my father all of the time. Anytime I would ask what temperature to bake/roast something in the oven my father would always respond to me 350. Even as I have gotten older, I still call to ask questions and the answer is still 350. When it doubt, leave it at 350. That is what my father always did. Thus starts the beginning of this blog.



Ever since I can remember I loved to cook. If you give me a recipe, I more than likely can make it. I will try anything once; I even bake for my two little monsters on occasion

….I mean dogs.

The past couple of years I have gone on baking rampages, usually happens in the middle of the night. When I am home visiting my parents, my dad usually wakes up to the smell of cookies, the kitchen a mess, and a batch of cookies on the counter. At least as I have gotten older I have started to clean up my midnight baking messes. Which he is very thankful for when I am home 🙂

In the summer of 2008, I started working in a small pastry shop and was finally given the opportunity in the summer of 2009 to get into the back and show what I can do. I spent 6 months baking and decorating showcase pastries/cakes. In November 2009, I had to leave my job because my husband lost his job and then found another one 1.5 hrs away. We moved and actually ended up buying a house, so no more apartment kitchen…YAY! I finally have a kitchen that is big enough for my never ending supply of kitchen gadget. So for now I will bide my time in my kitchen with all my gadgets and hope this blog will keep me content until my dream job becomes a reality again.