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Days 11 and 12 VEGAN!!! September 15, 2014

Day 11

I went ALL out for dinner.

I made Chickpea Cutlets with Sweet Vidalia Onion Sauce (Veganomicon), Caulipots (Appetite for Reduction), and Green Beans with Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions.  For dessert we had…




Boom, mind exploded.

I have made the Chickpea Cutlets before and remembered really liking them.  I decided to do the Sweet Onion Sauce with them because I always have onions on hand.  For the sauce I did think it wasn’t saucy enough so I added Vegetable Stock to it for more liquid and then I thickened it up with a slurry of flour and vegetable stock. When I was making dinner I was trying to have everything ready when Mike got home, so I actually made the sauce all the way thru (except for thickening it) and had the cutlets formed and ready to sauté up.  I also made the Caulipots (Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes) a bit early because I knew they would stay warm.


I also made small plates up for each of the girls, Maureen (1 years old) tried every thing on her plate and seemed to enjoy it. Emma was passed out on the couch because she had a big day with her Grandma. But Emma did wake up to have some Green Pie, and declared that she loved the pie and it was the best pie ever. Mike actually liked everything, and ate it all.  He also suggested that I make the Caulipots for Christmas because he really liked those.

Day 12 

I made the Blueberry Maple Bran Muffins (Isa Does It) for breakfast and the whole family gobbled them up.  I did omit the maple extract because I couldn’t find any.  So I guess I should say, I made Blueberry Bran Muffins.  Both girls loved them and I really couldn’t get enough of them. Someone should have probably slapped my hand a few times when I went over and grabbed another one to eat.  Emma actually had two muffins and Maureen threw a mini fit until we have her bits of her own muffin.  She the proceeded to eat the rest of one of Emma’s muffins.


Eating vegan has been going very well, but as you will see from my posts it has been pie and baking. So it hasn’t been very healthy, but it has been yummy.  I am still keeping up with my 5k training so I haven’t been worrying about it and I haven’t gained weight either.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Buttermilk Crumb Muffins November 6, 2012


This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is being represented by Alisa of Easier Than Pie with the recipe for Buttermilk Crumb Muffins, which is located on page 207 in Baking With Julia.

I was reading a lot of peoples aversion to shortening aka Crisco this week on the P & Q. I thought it was pretty interesting since most traditional icing recipes like Wilton’s Buttercream recipe is pretty much all shortening. Personally for icing I find that recipe too sickly sweet so I always stick with an Italian Buttercream. But I just thought it was pretty funny that a lot of people were disgusted with the amount of shortening and either swapped it out with a healthy alternative (apple sauce) or just used butter. I understand the health alternative, but REALLY butter isn’t that much of a better alternative. Although, I was that person that ate these warm with butter, and they were yummy.

To each their own.

This recipe was actually really straight forward and I ended up making 12 standard size muffins plus 2 large muffins aka Texas size. So ideally the recipe makes 16 standard size muffins. The only thing I changed about the recipe was to increase the cinnamon to 1 teaspoon because I love the flavor of cinnamon. With the weather getting cold and the leaves turning, cinnamon is one of those spices that I love having in baked goods. It reminds me of Fall and Christmas.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Carrot Spice Muffins August 9, 2011

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The week of August 9th,  Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Nancy of The Dogs Eat the Crumbs.  She picked Dorie’s Carrot Spice Muffins, which is located on page 14 in Baking:From My Home to Yours.  I actually made these on time, and being a new mother has gotten in the way of me blogging on time for anything.  Emma has a pretty good schedule going and has for awhile, but I just haven’t gotten my schedule down.  Trying to accomplish things in a timely manner and not have Mike finishing it when he gets home from work is something that I am trying to work on.

These muffins were perfect.  They were moist, yummy, and very reminiscent of carrot cake but not as sweet.  I made these the week of Emma’s baptism, so they all actually got eaten and not by me 🙂  Well, I had a few, but then my parents and Mike helped.  Which I was surprised that Mike was willing to eat them because of his dislike toward coconut and nuts.  Everyone enjoyed them, even Mike 🙂


Catching up with Tuesdays with Dorie July 5, 2011

By now you have probably realized why I have been Missing in Action.  I had a little baby nugget, who is currently strapped to my chest as I write this.  I am still in complete awe of her, and that Mike and I made her.  It seems so surreal 🙂

The past 5 weeks I have actually made all but one of the Tuesdays With Dorie recipes, I just haven’t had time to post them.  Especially since I wasn’t suppose to be walking upstairs, which is where the computer is.  Now that I am better and I don’t hurt as much, I can actually make it up the stairs without cringing in pain 🙂

First up, for the week of June 7th Cindy of Everyday Insanity chose Dorie’s Blueberry-Brown Sugar Plain Cake, which is located on page 36 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.  I actually completely forgot that I didn’t post this recipe until I went to download the pictures of everything else that I had baked.  Now how could I have forgotten this recipe.  It was FANTASTIC.  The cake reminded me of the Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix that you get at the store.  My mom use to always make those blueberry muffins and we would have them with dinner or for breakfast straight out of the oven with butter on them.  I now have a recipe that I can use instead of buying the mix 🙂

For the week of June 21st Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet chose Dorie’s Date-Nut Loaf, which is located on page 228 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.  This recipe was this first thing that I made when I started to feel better.  I guess you could say that baking was the sign that I was getting back to my normal self.  Do you know how hard it is to not do the things you want to do because your body will hate you the next day?  Well it isn’t fun, and I paid for it a few times

Back to the food 🙂  I am really not a Date person, but I really liked this loaf.  It was perfect slightly warm out of the oven.  While my parents were in town helping with Emma, they actually helped Mike and I eat this loaf.  It actually went pretty quick since we were eating it for breakfast.  Unfortunately, it went so quick that I never had the opportunity to take a picture of the loaf.  But it was pretty, and it was studded with walnuts and dates…very yummy and very easy to make.

For the week of June 28th, Spike of Spike Bakes chose Dorie’s  Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Cookies, which are located on page 160.  These cookies were very easy to make, scoop and bake.  I ended up forgetting to put in the cinnamon, which actually worked in my favor because they tasted wonderful.  I don’t think they would have been as good with the cinnamon.  The flavor of the cookies reminded me of a chocolate chip cookie sans chocolate chips.  The soft hint of chocolate in the cookies was perfect and the texture was nice and cakey with a slight crunch on the outside.

This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Bridget of The Way the Cookie Crumbles.  She picked Dorie’s Chocolate Chunk Muffins which are located on pages 18-19 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.  These muffins just came out of the oven and they look absolutely perfect.  Growing up my parents use to by giant muffins in bulk and freeze them.  My favorite was eating the Chocolate Chunk Muffins straight out of the freezer with a spoon.

Don’t ask.  It was just something that I would do, and it was an excuse to have dessert for breakfast or anytime for that matter 🙂 These muffins reminded me of my childhood, but they just need a little bit more chocolate chips in them.  I think I am currently on a chocolate kick because I can’t get enough of it, yummy.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Citrus Currant Sunshine Muffins March 15, 2011

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This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Lauryn of Bella Baker.  She picked Dorie’s Citrus Currant Sunshine Muffins which are located on page 7 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.

Have a expressed my obsession with the smell of oranges lately because if you didn’t already know it is one of my FAVORITES!!  These muffins were such a treat to make and they taste delicious straight from the oven, which is how I enjoyed them for breakfast on Tuesday.  I decided to go with GIANT muffins again.  I baked them on 350°F for about 30 minutes.

Lately, I have started to lower the oven temperature for things like muffins.  I have been doing this because they have a tendency to brown more when baked at a higher temperature because the pan I baked them in is a dark metal pan.  Also, since I have been using the GIANT muffin pan they also have to be in the oven longer so better safe then sorry.

These muffins have a bright citrus flavor that goes perfect with the currants.  I think dried cranberries would also be a great substitution for the currants.  I have a small obsession with the flavor combination of cranberry-orange, which turned into me making a yummy cranberry-orange muffin recipe right after I made these 🙂


Tuesdays With Dorie: Great Grains Muffins February 1, 2011

This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Christine of Happy Tummy.  She picked Dorie’s Great Grains Muffins which are located on pages 8-9 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.

Holy Crap!!! I actually have all the ingredients I need…well sans prunes, but I have plenty of other dried fruits (cranberries, cherries, blueberries, apricots, orange flavored cranberries, golden raisins, etc.)  Now I just need to decide which dried fruit to go with.

At first, I was stuck on apricots and then at the last moment I decided to go with cranberries.  I decided to put an entire cup of cranberries in because who doesn’t want plenty of cranberries in their muffins.  I only changed two other things about the recipe, 1) I sprinkled the tops of the muffins with sugar, and 2) I baked these at 350°F for 20 -25 minutes.  I changed the baking time and temperature because lately when I have baked any muffins at 400°F they got WAY too brown on the bottoms.  So I opted to be on the safe side, and they turned on fantastic.

I ate one of the muffins after it had cooled for a couple of minutes and it was still warm and yummy.  The addition of the sugar on top gave it a nice sweet crunch and the dried cranberries added a nice tartness.  With all the grains in the muffin the only one that stood out to me was the cornmeal because it gave the muffin a nice nutty crunch on the outside, reminiscent of a piece of cornbread.  I will definitely be making these muffins again 🙂


Tuesdays With Dorie: Lemon Poppyseed Muffins January 18, 2011

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It is bad that I actually made this recipe on time and didn’t post because I couldn’t take a picture yesterday because it was raining and cloudy outside?

This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Betsy of A Cup of Sweetness.  She picked Dorie’s Lemon Poppyseed Muffins which are located on page 10 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.  This muffins were really easy to make.  I ended up making them in GIANT size because I was in a Giant muffin mood 🙂  I baked them for 30 minutes at 400°F, they browned a little too much on the bottoms but since I used cupcake papers it didn’t matter.  I think next time if I do them that size again I will bake them on 350°F for 30 minutes.  The texture of the muffin was a nice tight, dense crumb, reminiscent of a pound cake.  The flavor was nice and lemony and I am thinking that the icing would be a nice addition but I was being lazy 🙂