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Tuesdays With Dorie: Walnut Bread December 2, 2014

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This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is from Baking With Julia, and the recipe for the Walnut Bread is located on pages 121-122.  You start out by making the Mixed Starter Bread located on pages 113-120, and once the kneading phase is complete you move on over to the Walnut Bread to complete the recipe. The Mixed Starter Bread starts out with a walnut sized piece of dough from a previous yeast dough recipe (pizza, bread, etc.).  The only yeast dough I had in my freezer was Pita Dough that I had made in September, so I sawed a piece of that off to use.  Granted, I wasn’t suppose to use it since it had whole wheat flour in it, but oh well.

The first rise went fine, but the second rise was an utter failure.  There was no rise.  Since I knew that we were going to be adding more yeast by the third rise, I wasn’t too worried about it.  I just figured it wouldn’t have the depth of flavor that it would normally have. I had already used almost 3 cups of flour so I wasn’t about to back out now.  I ended up adding a bit more yeast at the third rise, just in case (I used 1 teaspoon).  From then on everything turned out great.  The bread looks awesome, but I have no yet tried any yet.  I will be cutting into in later today and then I will amend my post.



Tuesdays With Dorie: Irish Soda Bread March 20, 2012

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This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was Irish Soda Bread and it was hosted by Carla of Chocolate Moosey and Cathleen of My Culinary Mission. This recipe is located on page 214 in Baking With Julia.

This recipe was chosen at the perfect time because, OF COURSE, I made it for St. Patrick’s Day.  We sat down to a dinner of Cornbeef, Cabbage, mashing potatoes, Irish Soda Bread, and a pint of Guinness.

What more could a girl ask for 🙂

When I first read the recipe, I was a little apprehensive about making a full recipe because at the bottom of the recipe in a note it says that the bread is best the day it is made because it gets “as hard as a Blarney Stone” the next day.  Since I didn’t want to waste 4 cups of flour since I knew Mike and I could not eat an entire loaf, I decided to make half a recipe.  I only had to bake it for 30 minutes instead of 50 minutes for the full recipe.  This recipe was very easy and I decided to keep it classy and simple and not add anything else to the recipe.  So four ingredients in, four ingredients out.

The bread turned out FANTASTIC.  Mike said it reminded him of a biscuit.  Which I do agree, it had the same soft texture and flavor that a baking powder biscuit usually has.  And….wait for it….

Wait for it….

We actually ate the leftovers the next day and they weren’t anywhere close to being hard.  It was still the same soft textured yummy loaf.  We enjoyed it just warmed up with a little butter.  Well, Mike went a little crazy with the blueberry preserves one day too 🙂


Tuesdays With Dorie: White Loaves February 7, 2012

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Tuesdays With Dorie is back, and everyone rejoiced….


I am so excited to be baking from Baking With Julia . After receiving the cookbook as an early birthday present, I flipped through the book and all the different recipes made me so happy. A lot of the techniques I have already done, but practice makes perfect and I love all the bread recipes. I am looking forward to all the new recipes and this new cookbook adventure.

Without further ado, this weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is being hosted by Laurie and Jules, they our are fearless leaders in TWD and for the recipe of White Loaves, which are located on pages 81-82 in Baking With Julia.

I don’t make bread that often, even though I love homemade bread. The smell of bread baking in the oven has to be one of my top 5 favorite smells. It is absolutely perfect. For this recipe, I had just enough bread flour to make half a recipe which is one loaf. The bread baked up perfect and I found it to be one of the best tasting homemade breads. The bread has a perfect texture with a tight crumb, and a semi-firm texture. Toasted this bread has a slight buttery flavor, and is perfect with Homemade Nutella. It also works perfectly for sandwich bread, either sliced thin or thick. Once I get my hands on some more bread flour, I will be making more of this bread.


Daring Bakers’: Yeasted Meringue Coffee Cake March 28, 2011

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The March 2011 Daring Baker’s Challenge was hosted by Ria of Ria’s Collection and Jamie of Life’s a Feast. Ria and Jamie challenged The Daring Bakers to bake a Yeasted Meringue Coffee Cake.

Coffee Cake is a favorite anytime food in my house, so I was very happy to make this.  I only made a few modifications to the recipe, which just involved the filling.  I increased the amount of granulated sugar and cinnamon, added brown sugar, and omitted the chocolate.  The recipe for the filling below is what I used and not what was originally in the recipe.  I also only made half a recipe because there is no way that the two of us could have finished two coffee cakes.  We are having trouble finishing one and that is why Mike is taking it into work tomorrow 🙂

The flavor reminded me of a cross between a cinnamon roll and monkey bread, which makes this recipe extra yummy. (more…)


Daring Bakers’ Challenge: Stollen December 28, 2010

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The 2010 December Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Penny of Sweet Sadie’s Baking. She chose to challenge Daring Bakers’ to make Stollen. She adapted a friend’s family recipe and combined it with information from friends, techniques from Peter Reinhart’s book………and Martha Stewart’s demonstration. (more…)