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Tuesdays With Dorie: Orange Madeleines and Pebble Bread March 18, 2015

Last weeks Tuesdays With Dorie was Lemon Madeleines which are located on page 212 in Baking Chez Moi.  I did actually did makes these on time and like most things I forget to post.  Funny thing was is that I made my husband a Lemon-Blueberry Bundt Cake that day, so I was out of lemons.  However, I did happen to have grated orange zest in my freezer.


So, I was about to make orange Madeleines but since I didn’t actually have an orange on hand I couldn’t make the glaze. So they got the powdered sugar treatment.  When I made these I was actually on a 10 day cleanse, so I was unable to try them until they were almost a week old.  They still tasted really good especially since I hadn’t had any sugar in awhile 🙂


On Sunday, I made the starter for the pebble bread.  I had ever intention of finishing them on Monday, but I was also prepping for Saint Patrick’s Day.  I ended up running out of time by the time I had to leave for work at 4:30 pm.  But I did end up making Irish Soda Bread, Irish Brown Bread, Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes, and Jameson Chocolate Ganache.  I ended up leaving for work and I forgot to tell Mike to put the rising dough in the refrigerator. But he noticed it and gave me a call. The fully risen dough ended up taking an overnight rest in the refrigerator.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, in the midst of making Cornbeef and Cabbage, Steamed Kale with Lemon zest and Chives, Roasted Leeks, Colcanon, Irish Rarebit, Cauliflower Gratin, and finishing the cupcakes my filling them with the ganache and icing them with Irish Cream Icing; I was able to finished the Pebble Bread. I did modify the recipe slightly so that it wasn’t as complicated. Well for starters, we couldn’t find Barley Flour so Mike picked up a bag of barley and I ended up grinding it in the dry blender of my Vitamix.  It worked perfectly.  When cooking the bread, I did a slight modification.  I placed a pizza stone in the oven and set it for 475 degrees Fahrenheit. I did do the dip in water and cook in a skillet until the bottom was firm, but then I threw them in the oven on the pizza stone until they were brown.  It made it easier because I could fit more than one in the oven at a time. They did puff up more than they should have, but that was fine by me.

I ended up snacking on one of the breads while I was finishing up making dinner. The girls also snag themselves a quarter of one and really liked the bread.  So did Eomer, one of our dogs, because he kept stealing Maureen’s bread.  Mike said it reminded him of French bread.  I wouldn’t mind making this dough again but the baking method is a little involved especially with one person.



Tuesdays With Dorie: Walnut Bread December 2, 2014

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This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is from Baking With Julia, and the recipe for the Walnut Bread is located on pages 121-122.  You start out by making the Mixed Starter Bread located on pages 113-120, and once the kneading phase is complete you move on over to the Walnut Bread to complete the recipe. The Mixed Starter Bread starts out with a walnut sized piece of dough from a previous yeast dough recipe (pizza, bread, etc.).  The only yeast dough I had in my freezer was Pita Dough that I had made in September, so I sawed a piece of that off to use.  Granted, I wasn’t suppose to use it since it had whole wheat flour in it, but oh well.

The first rise went fine, but the second rise was an utter failure.  There was no rise.  Since I knew that we were going to be adding more yeast by the third rise, I wasn’t too worried about it.  I just figured it wouldn’t have the depth of flavor that it would normally have. I had already used almost 3 cups of flour so I wasn’t about to back out now.  I ended up adding a bit more yeast at the third rise, just in case (I used 1 teaspoon).  From then on everything turned out great.  The bread looks awesome, but I have no yet tried any yet.  I will be cutting into in later today and then I will amend my post.



Tuesdays With Dorie: Mocha Brownie Cake March 18, 2014

This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie recipe is the Mocha Brownie Cake, which is located on pages 282-283 in Baking With Julia. This recipe is essentially a cake brownie that is filled and iced with a Chocolate Ganache. I decided to add a Saint Patrick’s Day twist to it and add Irish Cream flavoring to the cake and ganache. The idea was to serve it yesterday, but I started a little late in the day while running errands and running herd on 2 little ones.

So, yesterday, I baked and assembled the cake and this morning I reheated the ganache and iced the cake aka I poured the ganache over. Through the years I have become really good at pouring ganache over a cake.

How is that, you ask.

A few years back, I worked at a bakery and one of my jobs almost everyday was to pour chocolate ganache over our Chocolate Disaronno Cake and then decorate them. So, I actually got pretty good at it 🙂


Finally, the children are in bed and I have been able to slice into the cake (with a hot knife, of course) and taste it. I found it to be very good and the Irish Cream flavor was perfect. I ate this straight out of the fridge and the cake was firm, but moist and the ganache was smooth and melted once it hit your mouth. I would definitely consider making this for a birthday cake for anyone that LOVES chocolate, but remember to use a good quality chocolate.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Buttermilk Scones March 4, 2014

This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is a recipe for Buttermilk Scones, which is located on pages 210-211 in Baking With Julia. The recipe is just a basic scone recipe with the addition of either lemon or orange zest. I asked Mike what he would prefer, so we went with lemon zest. Which of course I doubled the amount to 2 teaspoons.

These might be one of the best scones I have ever had and made. The rise on them was absolutely perfect and the lemon flavor went perfectly with the cup of tea that I had with them. I actually didn’t need to put any butter or jam on them because they were perfect just the way they are. Even the day after baking I still preferred them plain.

Emma even got in on the scones action. Initially when they were still warm she asked me to put it in the freezer to cool it down. Mike then proceeded to take her out to play in the snow. When they came back inside, I made them hot chocolate and everyone ate a scone. Emma stood on a chair at the counter and ate her small scone with her hot chocolate in an espresso cup (perfect size for an almost 3 year old).

Mike took two scones into work this morning, and I have already eaten two today and it isn’t even 1 pm yet. Emma also had most of a small scone; again while standing on a chair at the counter. She tried to claim all of them by trying to lick/bite the sugar off the top but I came in before the act was complete.

Now, here is a crappy picture of a scone since I haven’t had time to upload the pictures from the camera yet 🙂



Tuesdays With Dorie: Rustic Potato Loaves April 2, 2013

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This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie is Rustic Potato Loaves, which is located on page 138 in Baking With Julia. This recipe is being hosted by Dawn of Simply Sweet. Head on over to her blog to get a look at her results and the recipe.

I actually loved this recipe because the rising time was so quick that you had fresh, delicious bread in no time. For the potatoes, I cooked two russets with skins and then put them through a food mill to remove the skins. I also figured this would mashed the potatoes better than just putting them in the mixer with the paddle attachment. Granted I did use more dishes, but I don’t get to play with the food mill very often. I was very surprised how easy this recipe was. My loaves didn’t turn out like footballs, but I didn’t mind that because they are “Rustic” and turned out very nice. Instead of spraying the oven with water to create steam I just throw a couple of ice cubes into the bottom of the oven and that seems to work perfectly fine.

We ate half of one loaf during dinner, Emma really liked the bread. The other half of the loaf we have been using to make sandwiches, which it makes great bread for. The other full loaf I brought over to my in-laws for Easter Dinner. This is a recipe that I will definitely make again.



Tuesdays With Dorie: Croissants March 5, 2013


This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie recipe is CROISSANTS, which is being hosted by Amanda of Girl+Food=Love. This recipe is located on pages 185-186 in Baking With Julia, if you cruise on over to Amanda’s page it should also be there.

I have actually made croissants before, so I knew a couple of tricks that I didn’t know the first time that helped me out here. Mainly, if the recipe says to refrigerate the laminated dough (butter already incorporated) while doing the turns, you might want to only do half of the the time because you run the risk of the butter getting too cold and cracking while you are rolling it out. Which doesn’t make a pretty croissant, but it does taste good.

With this recipe it actually takes a couple of days to complete because you make the base of the dough, refrigerate it for 8 hours or overnight, add butter/laminate/do turns, rise for 3-4 hours, and finally form and bake. I think the hardest thing for me during the recipe was rolling the dough out. I was having a hell of a time, and getting a constant workout. But it probably doesn’t help that I had recently taken a 3 hour Glucose Test and my arms were bruised up (FYI I passed).

The first half of the dough, I accidentally made really small croissants. I had them rising on the counter for 3-4 hours and they really didn’t rise too much, but I baked them anyways. They looked okay, but they weren’t nice and fluffy. I did this part while my daughter was taking a nap. She decided to take a really short one so I was unable to roll out the other half of the dough until she went to bed later that night. So at 10 pm I rolled out the rest of the dough. I made 2 chocolate croissants and the rest plain, and I actually made them bigger this time. I wasn’t about to stay up for 4 more hours because I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and chasing around a toddler all day is exhausting. So I decided to do an experiment. I left the dough on the counter overnight to let it rise. Ten hours later, at 8 am, I walked into the kitchen to bake them off. They had rose beautifully and looked great, and they baked up perfect.

Now I just need to practice forming the croissants so that I get the more traditional look.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Focaccia February 5, 2013

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This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie recipe is Focaccia and it is being hosted by Sharmini of Wandering Through. This recipe can be found in Baking With Julia on page 143.

For bread dough this recipe was very simple. Granted it did need to go through two different rises and then rest for 24 hours before baking. I ended up only letting it rest for 12 hours because I was impatient and wanted to eat the Focaccia for lunch. Since the recipe makes three loaves, I decided to only bake one of them and freeze the other two dough balls for later use.

I flavored my focaccia with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Oil from The Olive Press and then sprinkled kosher salt, fresh rosemary and thyme (that happened to be still alive in my garden) on top before baking. I decided to forgo the slits in the dough and just pressed it down before baking.

The Focaccia turned out perfect. The use of the oil and the fresh herbs gave the bread a nice flavor and the texture of the bread was soft and perfect for a sandwich.