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Tuesdays With Dorie: Golden Brioche Loaves August 24, 2011

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This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Margie of Tea and Scones.  She picked Dorie’s Golden Brioche Loaves, which are located on pages 48-50 in Baking:From My Home to Yours.

What is that you say?

I posted almost on time.  Yep 🙂

I had planned to make these this weekend, but time got away from me.  So Sunday night, I whipped up the dough and then realized 1) crap it has to sit in the fridge overnight and 2) it makes two loaves.  I decided then that I would make the loaf in the morning, and let it rise while Emma and I took a nap.  Then with the rest of the dough, I was going to make Dorie’s Golden Raisin Snails.

I divide the dough in half and set it in the pan to rise and it takes forever.  I realize this is because it has been in the fridge overnight, and it is going to take some time for the dough to get to room temperature.  So I let it be and hoped that it was eventually rise.  Which it did, but not as much as it should have.  Then I thought, huh, I guess my yeast might not be as ALIVE as I thought it was 🙂

The dough ended up sitting on the counter all day and rose very little.  I popped it in the oven and out came a beautiful, yet short Brioche Loaf.  I have to remember not to bake at night because then it makes me hungry, which I guess I didn’t remember Tuesday night because then I proceeded to bake the Raisin Snails.

I had a little set back with the Snails because I ran out of eggs, which is unheard of in our house.  But since I had just made Emma’s Baptism cake the weekend before, I ended up using a total of 16 eggs (8 egg whites for the cake and 8 egg whites for the frosting).  This is what happens when you decide to make Dorie’s Perfect Party Cake, and then realize that maybe one cake isn’t enough and that you want to make it into a 10-inch instead of a 9-inch cake.  Next time, one recipe would work well enough because it made a damn tall cake, which was very yummy 🙂

After the egg problem was addressed, I went about making the pastry cream and the rum flambéed raisins for the inside of the snails.  These actually came together pretty easily and I didn’t have any problems with the dough rising 🙂  The Golden Raisin Snails turned out fantastic.  Now I know what Dorie means by not being about to eat just one, every time I walked passed them when they were cooling I wanted to eat one.


Daring Bakers’: Fresh Fraisiers July 27, 2011

Jana of Cherry Tea Cakes was our July Daring Bakers’ host and she challenges us to make Fresh Frasiers inspired by recipes written by Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson in the beautiful cookbook Tartine.

I was actually really excited to make this recipe because 1) it is pretty and 2) I have the Tartine Cookbook and have been wanting to make something out of it for awhile 🙂  I decided to make this recipe over a two day period.  I was going to space everything out, but once I got started making the base components (which was easy) it didn’t take me long to complete it.

All of the base components are pretty straight forward to make: Sugar Syrup, Pastry Cream, and Chiffon Cake.  The only thing that would seem different is that you make the pastry cream in advance, but you wait to finish it (add the gelatin and the whipped cream) until you are ready to assemble your fraisier.  I say this because you want the pastry cream filling to firm up after you put the fraiser together and not before because the consistency of the filling would not be the same.

I also don’t advise using all of the cake.  The cake for the recipe baked up so high that I knew it wouldn’t fit in my mold and the proportions of cake to filling would be completely off.  To fix this I sliced the cake into thirds and only used the bottom and middle slices.  I saved the top for a snack 🙂

On day two, I assembled the fraisier.

While assembling the fraisier, I had some concerns about using almond paste for the topping because of the high content of almonds, the oils in the paste would break down when being handled.  Which is what ended up happening while I was mixing red coloring into the paste.  I would recommend using marzipan for this, the only difference between the two products is that the marzipan has more sugar which makes it easier to form and roll out 🙂  I used the almond paste and it just didn’t look right on top of the cake.  I ended up pulling off the almond paste and rolling out white – vanilla fondant for the top, which made it look much more elegant.  You actually don’t have to do either, the cake looks just as pretty dusted with powdered sugar and topped with a strawberry.

As of typing this I have yet to unmold the Fraisier because we are taking it to my in-laws for dessert.  I plan on unmolding it there and taking pictures, which I will post tonight.  Hopefully nothing goes wrong and it turns out pretty :crosses fingers:

UPDATE: The Fraisier turned out great and everyone loved it 🙂



Tuesdays With Dorie: Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart March 2, 2010

This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Beryl of Cinemon Girl.  She chose Dorie’s Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart, which is located on pages 344-345 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.  I love coconut stuff, but unfortunately my husband has this weird aversion to it.  When we first met he told me that when he was a kid they ate raw coconut at school and he had a reaction to it.  So he stands firm that he is allergic to it,  but I proved him wrong one day when he ate a Thai dish that I made that had coconut milk in it.  Come to find out, he doesn’t mind the flavor but he hates the texture of shredded coconut.

Oh, how can  you not like shredded coconut.  So in the 7 years that we have been together I have avoiding making anything with shredded coconut in it because he doesn’t want to eat it.  I have sacrificed not eating one of my favorite cakes (German’s Chocolate Cake) because of this.

I say no more 🙂  One, I am going to make this tart and he is going to love it because RUM makes everything better. Two, my precious German’s Chocolate Cake will be mine again (for a future entry).

Anytime I think of coconut pie or a coconut custard pie, I think of my Nanny’s pie.  It is just a baked coconut custard pie with no toppings, unless you turn down my Nanny’s offer of ice cream also 🙂  So, that is what I imagine for this.  But as it turns out this is more of a rum flavored pastry cream with coconut added to it.  Which is actually very tasty.  I think if I was giving this to a coconut loving crowd, I would add 1 tsp of coconut flavor or maybe more to get the right flavor.

While making this I decided that I needed to make it a little lower in fat since I might be the only one eating it.  I used 1 % Milk for the custard, and instead of whipping cream for the top I bought a small tub of Cool Whip Lite 🙂  I thought that this was a fantastic tart.  Now I just have to wait for Mike to come home to try to to see what his verdict is.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Banana Creme Pie April 7, 2009

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tuesdayswithdorieThis weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Amy of Sing for Your Supper.  She chose Dorie’s Banana Creme Pie which is located on pages 342-343 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.  I was very happy that this recipe was chosen because I have been eating bananas like crazy lately. Consequently, I have actually been craving banana creme pie and haven’t had one in awhile. (more…)


Birthday Desserts #2 November 10, 2008

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100_1589On November 3rd, it was my mother’s birthday and I offered to make her a cake since she was going to be in the area.  I told her to think about what flavor she wanted and to get back to me.  A week passed and I still hadn’t heard from her so I called her up and asked if she had come up with anything.  She said that since I had been making a lot of cupcakes lately that those sounded good.  Now I love the vegan cupcakes that I make; there is nothing wrong with any of them.  But I gave my mother a disclaimer and asked did she really want a vegan cupcake.  I think I said it because I wanted to make something that I hadn’t made before.  She said she still wanted cupcakes I just had to figure out what to make her.  I looked through my Cupcakes cookbook and gave her an option of three different cupcakes: Boston Cream Pie Cupcake, Chocolate Covered Mint Meltaway Cupcake, and Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.  She told me to make a cupcake that I had all the ingredients for.  I was looking for something that wasn’t too complicated and that was easy to transport 3 hours. (more…)


You’re a Tart July 10, 2008

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…a Fresh Fruit one

About a week ago I had 4 egg yolks left over from making a meringue and was trying to decide what to make. I found a recipe for pastry cream that used exactly 4 egg yolks. Now I had to make the decision of what to make. Do I want to make chocolate éclairs or a fresh fruit tart?

After asking a few people the answer was a tart. The end product was very pretty but the recipe needed some modifications.

This fruit tart has a lemon shortbread crust with a pastry cream filling and an apricot jelly glaze.