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Tuesdays With Dorie: Pink Grapefruit Tart February 24, 2015

This weeks recipe for Tuesdays With Dorie is the Pink Grapefruit Tart which is located on page 138 of Baking Chez Moi. I am lucky that I looked at this recipe in advance and read everything over.  You would have to wake up REALLY early in the morning to make this all in one day because the different components have to rest in the refrigerator.  So I took Dorie’s advice and did the recipe over 2 days.  The first day, Saturday, I prepared the almond/lemon filling, grapefruit crèmeux, and tart crust.  On Sunday, I assembled the tart and let it chill in the fridge per instructions.

I only made a few modifications to the recipe.  We didn’t have any Campari, so I substituted Cointreau just for fun.  I am pretty sure we used Ruby Red Grapefruits since that was the only thing available.  Other than that I actually stuck to the recipe 🙂

At first I thought that no one was really going to like the tart.  It isn’t too sweet but it has a nice bitterness and sweetness of the Grapefruit. Surprisingly, I had one grapefruit left and Mike ended up eating it and sharing it with Maureen.  He also said both girls liked the grapefruit on the top of the tart rather than the tart.  But he REALLY liked the tart.  In the end it was a good surprise.  I had also made a vegan Sweet Potato Pie with Pecan Crunch topping, and when you eat the pies together the sweetness of the Sweet Potatoes is WAY too over powering and the Grapefruit Tart had a nice refreshing quality to it.

As I write this I am staring at my piece of pie and looking forward to finishing this entry so I can dive in.



Tuesdays With Dorie: Quick Classic Berry Tart May 11, 2010

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Sorry, I have been MIA for a week.  I really wanted to make the Burnt Sugar Ice Cream last week, but I am in the middle of a lifestyle change.  I am actually watching and counting everything that I put in my mouth.  It is a bit of a downer sometimes and I had to really push myself this week to participate because GOD knows I want to have a big chunk of this tart.

I am currently behaving myself, which is a HUGE shocker.

I started P90X last week and today marks the beginning of my second week.  I have this whole theory about loosing weight before Mike and I start a family, so that is what initially motivated me.  I have done Power 90 so I knew what I was getting into.  So far, I have two goals 1) to lose 20 lbs, 2) to be able to do all of the Plyometrics workout without modifications and if I happen to get a little ripped  by the end of 90 days, BONUS 🙂  If you have ever done the Plyo workout modified or not; you know that it kicks your butt every time.  Mike is going on the P90X journey with me sans the nutrition side.

On to the baking 🙂

This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Cristine of Cooking with Cristine.  She chose Dorie’s Quick Classic Berry Tart which is located on page 377 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.  When I first saw this tart I thought yummy, then I thought I have strawberries from the Berry Farm in my fridge.

YAY!!! Strawberry Tart 🙂

To reduce the temptation I only made half a recipe.  For a fresher taste, I decided to make the lemon pastry cream.  This just consisted of added fresh lemon zest to the milk and letting it steep after it boils.  I did dip my finger into the cream and it was smooth, yummy, and lemony.  I have had the sweet tart dough before so I know it is tasty, and I have been eating strawberries as part of my breakfast for a week now.  So, if I just put all the flavors together in my head; I can imagine that this is a nice summery dessert 🙂

I hope Mike enjoys in reality while I dream about it.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart March 2, 2010

This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Beryl of Cinemon Girl.  She chose Dorie’s Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart, which is located on pages 344-345 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.  I love coconut stuff, but unfortunately my husband has this weird aversion to it.  When we first met he told me that when he was a kid they ate raw coconut at school and he had a reaction to it.  So he stands firm that he is allergic to it,  but I proved him wrong one day when he ate a Thai dish that I made that had coconut milk in it.  Come to find out, he doesn’t mind the flavor but he hates the texture of shredded coconut.

Oh, how can  you not like shredded coconut.  So in the 7 years that we have been together I have avoiding making anything with shredded coconut in it because he doesn’t want to eat it.  I have sacrificed not eating one of my favorite cakes (German’s Chocolate Cake) because of this.

I say no more 🙂  One, I am going to make this tart and he is going to love it because RUM makes everything better. Two, my precious German’s Chocolate Cake will be mine again (for a future entry).

Anytime I think of coconut pie or a coconut custard pie, I think of my Nanny’s pie.  It is just a baked coconut custard pie with no toppings, unless you turn down my Nanny’s offer of ice cream also 🙂  So, that is what I imagine for this.  But as it turns out this is more of a rum flavored pastry cream with coconut added to it.  Which is actually very tasty.  I think if I was giving this to a coconut loving crowd, I would add 1 tsp of coconut flavor or maybe more to get the right flavor.

While making this I decided that I needed to make it a little lower in fat since I might be the only one eating it.  I used 1 % Milk for the custard, and instead of whipping cream for the top I bought a small tub of Cool Whip Lite 🙂  I thought that this was a fantastic tart.  Now I just have to wait for Mike to come home to try to to see what his verdict is.


Tuesdays With Dorie: Tartest Lemon Tart May 12, 2009

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tuesdayswithdorieThis weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Babette of Babette Feasts. She chose Dorie’s Tartest Lemon Tart which is located on page 336 in Baking: From My Home to Yours.  Like every other recipe the past few weeks, I scaled this one down to make a third of the recipe.  It would have made 3 tarts but I only decided to make two. (more…)


Tuesdays With Dorie: Chocolate Cream Tart April 28, 2009

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100_2114This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Kim of Scrumptious Photography.  She chose Dorie’s Chocolate Cream Tart located on pages 352-353 in Baking: From My Home to Yours. This month has been full of all things chocolate and when all the members started to post on the message board about the recipe I got a little worried.

I really like chocolate but I think by the end of the month I was getting a little chocolated out.  A lot of members said that the chocolate crust with the chocolate filling was a little over powering.  Because of this I decided to use Dorie’s regular Sweet Tart Dough instead.  Also, because of temptation I decided to only make half of the recipe into mini tarts, which made 4.  To dress them up a little I added some fresh raspberries and whipped cream piping.

I thought that these little tarts were fantastic.  I am really glad that I decided to go with the sweet dough crust, and the raspberries really complimented the flavor of the chocolate.