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Vegan Adventure #27: Banana Rabanada (Brazilian French Toast) July 22, 2009

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This post has been postponed for long enough 🙂

When I found out that Isa was coming out with Vegan Brunch, I was VERY excited.  I couldn’t wait until it came in the mail, and when it finally did the first thing I made was the Banana Rabanada.  It was very simple to make and it tasted fantastic.  The only thing that I might add to the recipe is 2 tbsp of sugar to the batter or when you eat the French toast just dump maple syrup on top of it.  Either way, it just needed a little bit more sweetness to it.  Perhaps my bananas could have been a little bit more ripe 🙂

Also, when sprinkling cocoa powder and cinnamon on the French Toast be very careful to dust the toast and not dump it on one side like I did.  There is nothing like a strong blow on the toast to dislodge the excess cocoa powder and cinnamon, and in turn blow it all over the counter.

100_2150Banana Rabanada (Brazilian French Toast)

Source: Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

2 very ripe bananas

1 1/2 cups almond milk (or your favorite nondairy milk)

2 tbsp cornstarch

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 stale baguette, sliced diagonally in 1-inch pieces

Cooking Spray

Slice strawberries and bananas for garnish

Blend bananas, milk, cornstarch, and vanilla in a blender or food processor until smooth.  Spread out baguette sliced in a single layer on a baking pan.  Pour banana mixture onto the bread and flip sliced to coat.  Let sit for 10 minutes, then flip over and let soak for 10 minutes more.

Preheat a large, nonstick skillet (cast iron preferred) over medium heat.  Spray with cooking spray and cook about half of the soaked bread for 5 to 7 minutes on one side and about 3 minutes on the other.  When ready, the toast should be golden to medium brown and flecked with darker spots.  Keep warm on a plate covered with tinfoil while you cook the second batch.

If not serving immediately, cover the toast with tinfoil and place in a 200°F oven for up to an hour.

When ready to serve, mix together cocoa powder and cinnamon and use a small sifter to sprinkle generoudly over each serving.  Serve Rabanada with vegan butter and maple syrup, and topped with fresh fruit.


Vegan Muffins on 3 occasions and Vegan Adventure #28 July 21, 2009

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Lately, I have taken to making a weekly trip to Ellwood’s Coffee.  Each time I go I always get an Americano and muffin.  If you have read my blog before you know that I like to experiment with Vegan cooking/baking even though I am not vegan.  I find it extremely fascinating.  Ellwood’s Coffee carries a line of Vegan baked goods that they make in the Ellwood Thompsons Bakery, which is across the street.  Ellwood’s Coffee also makes vegan paninis and wraps.  Currently, I have only tried their muffins, but I am going to slowly branch out and try some of their other Vegan options. (more…)


Vegan Adventure #26: Roasted Acorn Squash and Black Bean Empanadas June 24, 2009

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I have been a huge slacker in the pasted few months.  I have made dishes, taken pictures, and then never posted about them.  So I am FINALLY get around to doing a few more posts so that I can catch up 🙂  Here is another chapter in my Vegan Adventure, Acorn Squash and Black Bean Empanadas. (more…)


Vegan Adventure #25: Mango Sticky Rice April 13, 2009

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The night I made the Portabello Seitan Stroganoff, I also made Mango Sticky Rice for dessert.  I actually had some extra coconut milk in the pantry and had recently purchased some beautiful mangos.  I figured this recipe would be a winner 🙂

It was very easy to make and it really just reminded me of eating coconut rice pudding.  It was perfect.  The mangos added a nice brightness to the rice and made it a little refreshing.

img_8395Mango with Sticky Rice

Source: The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

1 cup (195 g) sticky rice

1 ( 15 oz) can coconut milk

2 tbsp (25 g) granulated sugar

Pinch of salt

1 ripe mango, peeled and sliced

Put the rice in a bowl, and add enough water to cover the rice.  Soak for at least 1 hour or even overnight.

Add a steamer basket to a 3-qt. (3.4 L) pot and add just enough water to reach the basket’s bottom.  If the holes in your steamer basket are large enough that the rice will fall through, simply place a sheet of cheesecloth in the basket.  Pour the sticky rice into the basket, cover, and place on the stove.  Turn the heat to medium-high.  The rice should take about 20 minutes of steaming to cook and will become translucent when done.  Transfer the rice to a bowl when done.  You may also steam the rice in a bamboo rice steamer or in a rice cooker.

In the meantime, heat the coconut milk in a pot over medium heat.  Stir constantly and let the coconut milk simmer.  (Don’t let it boil too hard, or the coconut milk will curdle.) Add the sugar and salt.  Remove from the heat.  Pour three-quarters of the hot coconut milk over the hot sticky rice.  Let it sit for 5 minutes.  The sticky rice will absorb all the coconut milk.  The rice should be a little mushy.  Spoon the rest of the coconut milk on top of the rice at serving time.  Top with mango, and serve.


It’s BACK: Vegan Adventure #24: Seitan and Stroganoff April 2, 2009

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Oh, yes.  I am finally bringing back my Vegan Adventure.  I have actually made a bunch of items lately, and I have just been putting off writing because I am lazy.

There I said it.  I am lazy, but I have been cooking 🙂

I have always been intrigued by fake meat products.  I had never actually heard of Seitan until I was reading through Vegan with a Vengeance.  I still really didn’t know what it was, but I had all the ingredients to make half a batch.  Which was perfect for the Seitan-Portobello Stroganoff 🙂

The Seitan was actually very easy to make.  The only mistake that I made was using vegetable bouillion cubes instead of either water or low sodium vegetable broth.  Because of that the Seitan ended up being a little bit salty but in the end it turned out great 🙂  The Seitan reminded me a little spongy piece of meaty goodness, but nothing will be able to replace real meat for me.

The sauce for the stroganoff was very straight forward; just had to do a good amount of chopping.  In the end, I loved the stroganoff.  It was very tasty.  Since the Seitan was already a little salty I didn’t add any to the sauce and it really evened out the seasoning in the dish. (more…)


Vegan Adventure #23 and VeganMofo #8: Vegan Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts October 16, 2008

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Okay I finally did it.  I made the Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts from my previous post vegan.

They tasted fantastic.  There is no way that anyone would be able to tell the difference between the vegan and the non vegan versions. (more…)


Vegan Adventure #22 and VeganMofo #7 October 15, 2008

There was a miracle somewhere and I made a full vegan dinner.  Who would have thought it was possible?  Funny thing is it was very easy.  Another weird thing has occurred.  For about 4 days or so I actually could have been considered a Vegetarian.  I ate absolutely no meat, and it was completely by accident.  Since I have been cooking a lot of vegan food, that is what I have been eating, but it didn’t stay strictly vegan since I had some sweets that happened to have dairy and eggs in them, opps. (more…)


Vegan Adventure #21 and VeganMofo #6 October 13, 2008

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I am finally posting my VeganMofo entry about the Baked Potato and Greens Soup with Potato-Wedge Crouton along with Tempeh Bacon.  I would like to blame work and my laziness for this post taking so long.   What drew me do this recipe was that it was actually starting to get cold outside for a bit and I thought that a nice potato soup would be good to go with the weather change.  It did actually get a little warmer over the next few days, but it was still a good idea.  Also, I was looking for something cheap to make 🙂 (more…)


Vegan Adventure #20 and VeganMofo #5 for the Dogs October 9, 2008

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I have been searching for things vegan to make and I am currently trying to stay away from sweets because as you can tell I have been making A LOT of cupcakes.  I have been searching my vegan cookbooks and some not so vegan and I have come up with a line up of dishes that I will be making soon.  Some which might sound a little odd to you.  First I would like to mention that I am currently an omni and so are my two adorable monkeys.



Vegan Adventure #19 and VeganMofo #4 October 6, 2008

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Ever since I was at work about a month ago and saw fresh figs in the fridge, I wanted to find some and make something nice and sweet.  Of course my grocery store wasn’t carrying them at the time and the only place I could go to get them was Costco, but you need a membership to shop there.  That went out the window really quick.  On Tuesday I was wandering around the grocery store and was in the produce section and noticed a small container of fresh figs.

THIS IS MY CHANCE!!! (more…)